Nipple Sensation + Breast Reduction

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Nipple Sensation After Breast Reduction

Hi! I had a breast reduction a year and a half ago (June 2010). I went from a size DD to a size C. Since the operation, I have not regained sensation... READ MORE

Will I Definitely Lose Feeling in my Nipples After a Reduction?

I am scheduled for a consultation in a few weeks for a breast reduction. I have been doing my research and the only concern I have is loss of... READ MORE

Nipples Sore One Year After Breast Reduction Surgery, What can I Do?

I had a breast reduction a year ago. I'm African American so I got keloids around my nipples and under my breast as well. The keloids hurt from... READ MORE

What is the Likelihood of Needing a Nipple Graft During Breast Reduction Surgery?

How will this affect the ability to breastfeed in the future? Will sensation be lost in the nipples? READ MORE

After Breast Reduction, My Nipples Are Extremely Sensitive and Always Hard; Is This Normal?

I had a breast reduction 7 years ago and I have too much nipple nipples are very sensative and always hard. I went from a 36DD to a C..... READ MORE

Are my Breast Healing Well 12 Days Post Breast Reduction Op? (photo)

My main concern is the shape of the nipples, and the black point on my right nipple. The stitches have not as yet been removed and I am experiencing... READ MORE

Will I Get the Sensation Back in my Right Nipple?

I had a breast reduction on 8/25. Both breasts have some swelling and bruising. The left nipple has sensation but the right nipple does not. It is... READ MORE

Can I have breast reduction without having my nipples reattached?

Hi, thankyou doctors for your answers but i had asked if i could have a breast reduction without having my nipples sewn back on but no answer to my... READ MORE

Is the nipple Sensation always less After Breast Reduction?

Are certain techniques going to cause permanent loss and others going to leave a chance that the sensation will return? How much less sensitivity... READ MORE

Permanent loss of nipple sensation after breast reduction surgery. What are the chances of getting sensitivity back?

I got breast reduction surgery almost 3 weeks ago, and one of my biggest fears was a loss of nipple sensation. The night after surgery I gave my left... READ MORE

Will I regain sensation after Breast Reduction with Free Nipple Graft? Should I get a lift or liposuction on the sides? (Photo)

I'm scheduled to have BR this in a few weeks. I scared. The picture I posted is not of me, however, I am very similar (almost thought it was). I am... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Without Nipple Trauma Possible?

I am the lady with the 40I breasts! Even though I desperately need a reduction! The thought of having no sensation & reconstructed nipples is VERY... READ MORE

Congenial Nipple Numbness?

My nipples were numb even before my breast reduction. Can anything be done, even surgically, that will allow me to have some sensation? READ MORE

I Had Breast Reduction and my Nipples Are Still Numb. Will I Ever Regain Full Sensation?

I had a breast reduction about 1 ½ years ago and I have regained some sensation in my nipples but I can't properly feel temperature (such as cold ... READ MORE

How Risky is Second Reduction? (photo)

I had reduction in 1978. Already approved for 2nd reduction but concerned about increased risks. One doc says she can take more than 500g off each... READ MORE

Since my Breast Reduction 2 weeks ago, When I drink something cold I sometimes feel the cold sensation in my nipples.

I had a breast reduction 2 weeks ago and I am having the expected pain here and there and some swelling. My breast are very sensitive and I did not... READ MORE

I Had Breast Reduction Surgery 8 Months Ago and Lost Nipple Sensation in One Breast. Permanent?

I Had Breast Reduction Surgery 8 Months Ago and Lost Nipple Sensation in One Breast. Permanent? READ MORE

Possible BR Surgery? What to Expect? Advice?

Hello, I had my first consult for BR and was told I am a good candidate. I am 47 years old, 5'4" 147 lbs. and am 36DDD. The thought of having BR was... READ MORE

If my Breast Are 40 Cm Long, Do I Have to Get Free Graft?

I really need the surgery due to unbearable pain everyday. However, my breast are so long, the doc thinks blood supply may not cooperate. She... READ MORE

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