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Can I Go From a DD to a Perky and Firm C?

I have DD breasts with moderate sagging. Would like sm-full C. I like the look of kourtney kardashians. Perky, tight from the implants but not super... READ MORE

What Can I Expect from my Breast Reduction?

I'm 17 and I have always been overweight and had a bigger chest. Well I'm already a triple D even though my waist and pants size is a 12. (I know not... READ MORE

Breast reduction healing well, but nipples are asymmetrical. Will they ever be symmetrical again?

Nipples are at different heights. I got slightly more taken out of my right breast due to asymmetry before. My PS said over time it may change but its... READ MORE

My skin around nipple changing from brown to light. Any suggestions? (photos)

After my reduction 1 1/2 yrs ago dec 2013. My nipple area was brown natural looking. PS did not do a graft just moved nipple up. Latelt inside the... READ MORE

Always had large breast even as a pre-teen. Now a Mom of 2 I would like to get a reduction. Any hope for great results? (Photo)

I've always had large breast for as long as i can remember. Now a mother a 2 my breast are dropping, sagging and i want the natural perkiness and... READ MORE

What is the Best Way for Dramatically Improving Vertical Breast Reduction Scar?

I desire to maintain a natural appearance- just enough lift to look 23 not 73. And camouflaged scars. I am very displeased with my breasts now, but am... READ MORE

In a Breast Reduction Procedure, is There Any Way to Keep the Areola Looking Natural As It Fades into the Skin?

Unlike most people getting breast reductions, I would like my areolas kept the same size if possible (and if still appropriate for my new breast size)... READ MORE

Show small would I be able to go with a reduction/lift? I'm currently a 30ff and would like to be a big c or small d (Photos)

I'm 26 and currently a 32ff but would really like to be a full c or small d after a reduction/lift. I'm hoping to have small, high, perky natural... READ MORE

After a breast reduction, is it normal for the breasts to be "boxy"? And thoughts on getting liposuction on sides?

I'm getting my breast reduction in less than a month and I am getting really nervous seeing some of the "afters". A lot of the Afters I'm seein are... READ MORE

Is it realistic to go from a DD to B or maybe C and still get a natural look? (Photos)

Hello, i am a 21 Africa American female . I am about 4'9 and 160 pounds . I am kind of over weight i use to be loke 130 . I was told i have DD breast ... READ MORE

I am having a lift and a boob reduction. What is the perfect size for a woman that is 5"7 and 140lbs? (Photos)

I want it to look natural and weight has always been a concern of mine. Currently I am a 36DD and they are droopy! Please help! I also love to run. I... READ MORE

Are my nipples too high or do they look natural and will they raise even higher or settle during recovery? (Photo)

I am 19 and 4 days post reduction and lift :). I actually like them where they are right now and am so thankful for my new breasts but I'm scared that... READ MORE

How to Remove the Marks After Breast Surgery?

I want to do breast surgery without the knowledge of my parents but from the pictures i have seen surgical mark on the bottom of the breast. i know... READ MORE

After a breast reduction and lift, how long before your shape looks good? (Photo)

I had a reduction and a lift with liposuction a week ago. I was a 34DDD & now I'm suppposed to be a 34C & I wanted to know when my breast will... READ MORE

Which procedure will give me the full shape I want in my breasts? And what is best state to go to with reasonable pricing?

I am an 18 year old female, I want a breast lift within the next 2 years. I have 36DDD breast but I believe most of my size is sagging skin. I want... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for the lollipop? (Photos)

I am 5'5" 112 lbs with a size B cup. I fractured my T11 vertebrae and cannot wear a bra so I am have a reduction down to a barely A cup (enough to... READ MORE

Breast lift or breast reduction? (Photo)

Im scared of the scar and the implants , but definetely my breast needs to get fix , what is my best option , to look natural , not too small and not... READ MORE

I am 55 years old; I've always had back discomfort from large and uneven breasts?

48ddd?e?, I've lost 60 lbs and just want them to look more normal in clothing. Is this usually covered by highmark? My camera is in the fritz but... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Breast reduction & lift?

I was thinking about having a breast reduction and lift . I'm a small D and my breast sag and I was never a fan of big breast I was thinking about... READ MORE

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