Movement + Breast Reduction

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How Soon After BR Can I Play Golf?

How Soon After BR Can I Play Golf? READ MORE

5 days post op breast reduction. What's the worst that can happen physically if I move too quickly? (Photo)

Tape and steri strips are still on my breast. Surgery was 2/21/14. I went to the grocery store ( picking up bags) and ran a few other errands. Can I... READ MORE

Breast Reduction for Very Active People

I am a BIG time backpacker, hiker, canoer, climber, skier etc., 45yrs old. Just had a unilateral breast reduction. 1 lb was removed keyhole incision.... READ MORE

Is 3 days too soon to return to work after Breast Reduction? (Desk job)

I'm having breast reduction surgery in 2 weeks. I work at a desk, with minimal movement. My surgery is scheduled for a Friday afternoon and I would... READ MORE

Is it normal to hear fluid movement from the breasts after reduction surgery?

I initially thought the noise was coming from my stomach. It is noticeable when turning over or changing position. The noise seems to be coming from... READ MORE

How much would a breast reduction help me? (Photo)

I am 5'8" and currently weigh 280lbs. My current bra size is a 40R. It is extremely difficult for me to workout and loose weight, let alone do the... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction 3 weeks ago and seem to be in a lot of pain. My PS says I'm just being too sensitive (Photo)

Stabbing pains and my nipples are so sore. It hurts when air touches me. I can hardly walk cause the movement kills me pain wise. My PS says I'm just... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction 2 weeks ago. Could movement make an internal stick has swelled up and pulling a bit?

Up a few centimetres from the horizontal incision I thought the tape was too tight and the skin was pinched but when I looked closer it is like a... READ MORE

Back pain after breast reduction.

I had a breast reduction 5 weeks ago and now I'm experiencing back pain in between my shoulder blades is this normal. I may have been moving a bit more? READ MORE

5 days post op, I am noticing fluid in my breast after a reduction. Is this normal?

I am noticing fluid in my breast after a reduction. Is this normal? It doesn't hurt but I can feel it move when I touch my breast. Kinda like the... READ MORE

Is it normal after a breast reduction to have a "slosh" sound, like when you are water logged, when you move your arm?

I move my one arm a lil and it sounds like a sloshing sound almost like when you are water concerns me....I just had the reduction Friday... READ MORE

I had breast reduction and free nipple graph April 16. My breast swells when I move around. Is it normal?

My breast swells when move slot. Like work around the house wash dishes. When I take a shower everything I do it don't last long is it normal? READ MORE

Can I pull an inside stitch by a rough movement after breast reduction? (Photo)

I am a month post op from breast reduction, I was sleeping and got up abruptly from my sleep and felt a pull. I got up to check if something ripped on... READ MORE

Had Breast Reduction 1 month ago, what should I do to make my wound heal faster?! (photos)

I had my breast reduction a month ago and my superficial wound is stll fresh. My surgeon said just put betadine but every time with minimal movements,... READ MORE

I am having breast reduction surgery in two weeks, and suggestions as to what to wear the day of surgery...

What should I wear the day of my breast reduction surgery? what can I expect after? How soon will I be able to move around after my surgery? READ MORE

How do I balance rest and acitivty so I heal well but, lower risk of DVT after a breast reduction?

I'm going for a breast reduction and I know a lot of people are saying rest, too reduce the chance of incision splitting. On the other hand I don't... READ MORE

Unpleasant movement associated sensations WITHIN left breast 3 months post breast reduction (FNG). Any suggestions?

Motion causing an unpleasant feeling WITHIN the left breast. Never had any sensation within breasts before and do not now in my right. Left breast... READ MORE

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