Medicare + Breast Reduction

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Will Medicare Cover the Whole Cost of Breast Reduction for a Woman with Size G Breasts?

Hello, I am a 29 year old with medicare. I have disability and that is why I am covered by it. I have size G breasts that cause me a lot of issues.... READ MORE

Will Medicare Cover Breast Reduction for a 60 Year Old?

Hi. I am a 60 year old female with OA, PMR and GCA. I've also had stents placed in the coronary arteries and angioplasty. I am a size 38DDD, could... READ MORE

Im 21 and Have a Size 38DD Breast Size. Will Medicare Cover a Reduction?

Im 21 years old and im 5'3 about 150 pounds and i have a breast size of 38DD and i get back pains and shoulder pains even when i stand for a long... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Medicare Coverage and Previous Surgery Pain

I am a size DD, and have had surgery on my cervical spine. I'm still having pain, I have Medicare; will it pay for a breast reduction? READ MORE

I Am 36 Yrs Old and Wear Bra Size 38 G/GG; Will Medicare (Yes, MediCARE, NOT MediCAID) Cover my Reduction? (photo)

I have had dents in both shoulders for over a decade. Petechiae in the dents come and go. Chronic neck, back, shoulder pain. Recent onset parasthesias... READ MORE

Need Breast Reduction for my Health. I Am 72, in Pain. Cervical Surgery from Car Accident. Hope.Medicare Will Pay?

Serious car acciden left me with 5 herniated discs. Surgery helped the 3 cervical discs. Now at 72 I am having neck and back pain. Deep dents in... READ MORE

Will Medicare Pay for Unilateral Breast Reduction?

I am SP three excisional biopsies of the R breast and one on the L breast. Post sx's my L breast is considerably larger. No bra will fit and I... READ MORE

I Am on Medicare and Wonder if Possible They Would Pay for Reduction of Breast Since I Have Back and Neck Problems? (photo)

I Am on Medicare and Wonder if Possible They Would Pay for Reduction of Breast Since I Have Back and Neck Problems READ MORE

Does Having Medicare and Medigap Increase My Chances For Coverage of Breast Reduction?

I hear a lot about what is required for insurance coverage of breast reduction surgery. I also hear about how difficult it can be to find a surgeon... READ MORE

Would Medicare cover a breast reduction and tightening for my size 10 F/G breasts? (photo)

My breasts always hurt and my bras leave marks on my shoulders everyday. I can't pole dance properly cuz I have these massive boulders on my chest. I... READ MORE

Will Medicare pay for breast reduction? (Photo)

I am 61 years old with spinal degeneration. I have to wear my bras all the time. If I don't then I get severe neck and shoulder pains with tingling... READ MORE

I'm 63 years old and my breast is about a 42ddd. What must I do for Medicare to cover breast reduction?

I have tried to find bras but can't find any that fits. Tried to loose weight but still big breasted and very uncomfortable. I have rashes sweating... READ MORE

I have Medicare and am curious how I go about receiving a Breast Reduction. (photos)

Hello everyone I am 25 y/o 5'8" 175lb and I have droopy DDD's.. I have a 2 y/o son but they were just as droopy and heavy before I gave birth. I've... READ MORE

Can a reduction be done on 65 year old? What are the chances the insurance will cover breast reduction?

What are you are older & on Medicare, what are the chances they will cover breast reduction? READ MORE

I am 19 and around 170 lbs . My chest is maybe a DD possibly bigger. (photo)

I am 19 and around 170 lbs . My chest is maybe a DD possibly bigger I wear 2 sports bras to keep my chest lighter and make them easier to manage. I... READ MORE

Breast Reduction on Medicare with 34G Bust. (photos)

Ive seen PS in regards to BR, he advised I may be able to get this procedure done through Medicare, is this correct? Im 50, 163cm tall and weigh... READ MORE

Will medicare cover a breast reduction?

I am 5'10" tall weighing 240 and wear a 42 H bra. I have constant back and shoulder pain and irritation under breast. I have even been treated for... READ MORE

Will Medicare cover a breast reduction & lift for very heavy and sagging breasts? (Photo)

I have very large and very heavy sagging breasts. My breasts cause shoulder pain and discomfort. I am on disability and have Medicare as insurance.... READ MORE

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