Medicare + Breast Reduction

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Will Medicare Cover the Whole Cost of Breast Reduction for a Woman with Size G Breasts?

Hello, I am a 29 year old with medicare. I have disability and that is why I am covered by it. I have size G breasts that cause me a lot of issues.... READ MORE

Will Medicare Cover Breast Reduction for a 60 Year Old?

Hi. I am a 60 year old female with OA, PMR and GCA. I've also had stents placed in the coronary arteries and angioplasty. I am a size 38DDD, could... READ MORE

Im 21 and Have a Size 38DD Breast Size. Will Medicare Cover a Reduction?

Im 21 years old and im 5'3 about 150 pounds and i have a breast size of 38DD and i get back pains and shoulder pains even when i stand for a long... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Medicare Coverage and Previous Surgery Pain

I am a size DD, and have had surgery on my cervical spine. I'm still having pain, I have Medicare; will it pay for a breast reduction? READ MORE

I Am 36 Yrs Old and Wear Bra Size 38 G/GG; Will Medicare (Yes, MediCARE, NOT MediCAID) Cover my Reduction? (photo)

I have had dents in both shoulders for over a decade. Petechiae in the dents come and go. Chronic neck, back, shoulder pain. Recent onset parasthesias... READ MORE

Will Medicare Pay for Unilateral Breast Reduction?

I am SP three excisional biopsies of the R breast and one on the L breast. Post sx's my L breast is considerably larger. No bra will fit and I... READ MORE

Need Breast Reduction for my Health. I Am 72, in Pain. Cervical Surgery from Car Accident. Hope.Medicare Will Pay?

Serious car acciden left me with 5 herniated discs. Surgery helped the 3 cervical discs. Now at 72 I am having neck and back pain. Deep dents in... READ MORE

I Am on Medicare and Wonder if Possible They Would Pay for Reduction of Breast Since I Have Back and Neck Problems? (photo)

I Am on Medicare and Wonder if Possible They Would Pay for Reduction of Breast Since I Have Back and Neck Problems READ MORE

Does Having Medicare and Medigap Increase My Chances For Coverage of Breast Reduction?

I hear a lot about what is required for insurance coverage of breast reduction surgery. I also hear about how difficult it can be to find a surgeon... READ MORE

I'm 63 years old and my breast is about a 42ddd. What must I do for Medicare to cover breast reduction?

I have tried to find bras but can't find any that fits. Tried to loose weight but still big breasted and very uncomfortable. I have rashes sweating... READ MORE

I have Medicare and am curious how I go about receiving a Breast Reduction. (photos)

Hello everyone I am 25 y/o 5'8" 175lb and I have droopy DDD's.. I have a 2 y/o son but they were just as droopy and heavy before I gave birth. I've... READ MORE

Can a reduction be done on 65 year old? What are the chances the insurance will cover breast reduction?

What are you are older & on Medicare, what are the chances they will cover breast reduction? READ MORE

Will Medicare cover a breast reduction & lift for very heavy and sagging breasts? (Photo)

I have very large and very heavy sagging breasts. My breasts cause shoulder pain and discomfort. I am on disability and have Medicare as insurance.... READ MORE

Will Medicare cover breast reduction for a 28 year old?

Hi. I am a 28 year old female with Fibromyalgia. I also have bad migraines, severe back, neck, and should pain, deep grooves in each of my shoulders,... READ MORE

How much do you charge for a breast reduction from an N cup to a D cup and will you accept medicare insurance? (Photo)

I am 64 years old. I am 5 ft 3 in tall and weigh 174 lbs. and I have a medical need to have this done with medicare insurance. I am having back... READ MORE

I am wondering if medicare *cigna healthspring, cover a breast lift reduction? (photos)

I have a very bad back and I suffer from chronic pain I am seeing a pain management doctor, I am wondering if medicare *cigna healthspring, cover a... READ MORE

Will Medicare pay for breast reduction? (Photo)

I am 61 years old with spinal degeneration. I have to wear my bras all the time. If I don't then I get severe neck and shoulder pains with tingling... READ MORE

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