Medicaid + Breast Reduction

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Will MedicAid Cover Reduction of DD Breasts?

I am a 23 year old single mom who suffers from severe back and shoulder pains and horrible posture as a result of my 38DD breasts. Is it possible my... READ MORE

Will Medicaid Pay for 36DDD Breast Reduction (Age 15)?

Im 15. 5'2 and weight 160 pounds. I want a breast reduction my breast are 36DDD. Will my medicaid pay for it? READ MORE

Will Medicaid Cover a Breast Reduction in Illinois?

I am 21 years old I have always had big breasts but after having my son in 2008 they went from a E cup to a 48 L and continues to go up, I have tried... READ MORE

Do Doctors Accept Medicaid for Breast Reductions?

I am 16 almost 17. Has had my menstraul for 7 years and has not grown since 15. I am 5'3, weigh 198, and has a size 38 DDDD. I cant participate in... READ MORE

Will my medicaid insurance cover my breast reduction?

I have upper back pain, deep shoulder indents, my bra size is 42 DDD. I weight about 200 lbs and 5''5, I used to weight 215, I was told that I have to... READ MORE

Can I Get Breast Reduction Covered by Medicaid?

I am 5'1 and im 3 months from being 16. i wear a size 34DD&,my boobs spill out of that back is always hurting none stop.i hurts my back... READ MORE

Will medicaid cover my breast reduction in Florida? I'm at the point where I can't run or jump without pain. (Photo)

Im 25 & my breast are larger than a 40 DD I cannot run due to the size of my breast it causes extreme discomfort.Im constantly having back pains, I am... READ MORE

How long does it take Medicaid to approve breast reduction?

I had my consultation and everything else don in march. Everything was submitted about last week. I just wanted to know how long it would take for... READ MORE

Can I get Michigan Medicaid to accept a Breast Reduction? (photos)

I live in Michigan, I am a 22 mother of rwo kids and ny breasts make me miserable. I am 5'2'' and I am finally getting into fitness, but my breasts... READ MORE

I Have 44DD and I Am Always in Pain but My Doctor Won't Help Me

I am a size 44DD and I suffer from back aches shoulder pain and my Doctor tells me that he doesn't know of anyone in our area that does breast... READ MORE

How Much Money Does Maryland State Medicaid Pay Doctors for a Breast Reduction?

I recently got approved for breast reduction by state medical asstisstanc , how much does medical assitance pay the doctor in the state of maryland? READ MORE

Does Medicaid Cover Breast Reduction For Back Pain?

Iam 31years Old I Have 3 kids I am 5'3, 44DD and I suffer back pain. Does Medicaid cover a reduction? I weight 210lbs iam a little chubby READ MORE

Will Medicaid cover a D cup to a B cup breast reduction? (Photo)

I am 21, about 115 pounds and 5'3 and a half. I am really considering a breast reduction. My breast feel really heavy and I feel them weighing me down... READ MORE

Will Medicaid cover my Breast Reduction? I am in far to much pain and have difficulty caring for my son. (photo)

I am 19, height 5'6, weight 154. my breast are a size 32 k i suffer from back, neck, shoulder pain and headaches.t. i did end up loosing 20 pounds and... READ MORE

Qualifications for a breast reduction in North Carolina with medicaid?

Hello I'm 23 with 44DDD breast. I have horrible back pain & neck pain I know my breast are the reason for my problems I also have North Carolina... READ MORE

Are There Any Doctors in Illinois That Take Medicaid for Breast Reduction? (photo)

I am desperate for to find a doctor to find a surgeon in the state of ILLinois that will do a breast reduction for me. I have a 42 I cup. I have sever... READ MORE

Who accepts Amerigroup insurance for a breast reduction? (photos)

I am in the Tampa Bay area looking a doctor to accept Amerigroup insurance which is medicaid. My insurance has approved my request, but I cannot find... READ MORE

Would I be considered a good candidate for a breast reduction? (Photo)

Ever since middle school I have had large D cup breasts. I am now 5'5 and 120-130 pounds. I have neck and shoulder pain. I realize it will be hard to... READ MORE

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