Mastopexy + Breast Reduction

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Nipples Deformed After Breast Lift/reduction?

I had a bilateral mastopexy with small reduction almost 2 weeks ago. My nipples are uneven, and deformed. (One is "almost" round and the other one is... READ MORE

Can silicone sheets be applied over scabs?

I am 1 month post-op, breast reduction w/lift. My scars are healed except for the lollipop/anchor junction. Can silicone sheets be applied or is it to... READ MORE

Breast Lift/Reduction?

I recently had a breast reduction and a lift five days ago. Before the doctor told me that I would be a big A to a small B. since the surgery I went... READ MORE

Opening on Incision Line 3 Months Post-op?

I had my reduction/lift 3 months ago with some delayed healing with the T-junction on one side but other than that was fine. The incisions have been... READ MORE

I Will Be Having Breast Lift and Reduction with the Lollypop Incision. My Breasts Are Very Dense and I Squeeze into a Cup D?

My breasts are also very wide and appear bigger. I would like to go down to a B OR SMALL C. is that possible? thank you. READ MORE

How can I make scars disappear without surgery?

I had breast reduction/lift about 2 years ago & it left very ugly scars on both breasts one worst than the other I'm devastated because the whole... READ MORE

How much reduction can I achieve with a periareolar mastopexy and breast liposuction? (photos)

You can see from the pictures that I am wanting to reduce my overall breast size and raise the nipple position. The second set of pic's are a... READ MORE

Is there a certain ointment I should use?

I am 2 weeks post op breast reduction and lift. I have a couple open areas that bleed. Should I use a ointment to help heal them or should I tape them? READ MORE

Is it possible to get a breast reduction after a breast lift (over 12 months post op)? (photo)

What would the second procedure entail? I got a breast lift in August 2012 and have healed very well. Initially I was considering getting a breast... READ MORE

Breast lift with breast reduction and gel implants? (photo)

I asked a few days ago and got some awesome answers. I talked to my PS and he did clear up some of my questions. One of the "answers " from the dr... READ MORE

How long do I need to leave the steri strips on after having a BR with mastopexy 2 1/2 weeks ago? (photos)

I had a reduction with mastopexy 2 1/2 weeks ago. The staples came out 4 days ago and was replaced with this steri strip. How long does this usually... READ MORE

What type of procedure for my breasts would you recommend? (Photo)

I've lost some weight and continuing to lose. I know i should get to my desired weight before i perform the surgery. I would like to know what type... READ MORE

Mastopexy or Augmentation for naturally large breasts?

Mastopexy or augmentation for naturally large breasts? I have DD cup sized breasts. I have always had ample bosom however, gravity is taking... READ MORE

Does medicaid pay for breast reduction and lifts?

I have always been big in the chest. No matter my size and I'm so tired of the back pains and chest pain from the weight. I am a 44DDD I cry all the... READ MORE

What size would I possibly be? (Photo)

I am 5ft tall and weigh 115 with a small frame and where a 32G bra, I have also been told that I have dense heavy tissue when I have had my mammograms... READ MORE

Is my healing normal for breast reduction w/ suspension mastopexy 16 days post op? (Photo)

I seem to have irritation along with slight itching an small bumps under the breast within the fold, which is where the bra band sets. Should I be... READ MORE

Will an insurance company ever allow the surgeon to do a mastopexy along with an authorized reduction mammoplasty?

I am sure I meet the designated criteria for reduction. I don't believe, however, that the reduction procedure itself will provide the aesthetic... READ MORE

'm 54 and about to have a breast reduction. Will healing be jeopardized because I had mastopexy in my 20s?

What are my risks now? Having already had mastopexy will healing be jeopardized ? Is 54 to old, I'm very active I'm 5ft 3 134 with 34 tripled, my... READ MORE

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