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20 Days Post Op. Is It Too Early to Start Massaging my Scars? And When Will Swelling Decrease to be the Final Result? (photo)

I have 3 questions! I'm 20 days post Op (Breast Reduction), I was wondering if it is too early to start massaging my scars with creams? My second... READ MORE

Will Massage After Reduction Change The Bad Shape I Have 2 Months Post Op? (photo)

After a bad reduction, they have come out much to square and no projection and it is impossible to get them into a proper bra as what tissue is left... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Feel Like Someone is Squeezing the Crap out of Me? (photo)

I finally did it Feb 1, 2012 @ the age of 49. problem is not on the outside, but what is going on inside. I feel like someone is squeezing the crap... READ MORE

I Am 10 Days Post Op for Breast Reduction, And 1 Breast Is Painful, Should I Worry?

Over all I feel like I am wearing a metal bra(madonna circa 1995.My right breast has no real pain at all but the left one hurts.I have limited my RX... READ MORE

How long after a breast reduction can I start to massage them?

I had a breast reduction on Jan 27, 2015 and they are hard and hurt. They also itch very bad and when I rub them I feel some pain relief. I am... READ MORE

12 days post op Breast Reduction, could I have a hematoma? (photos)

Day12 post BR surgery. See my surgeon for 1st time since surgery in 5 days. My right breast is swollen, hard & painful & this morning I noticed a... READ MORE

Indentation in breast after breast reduction. Should I be concerned or should I be patient? (Photo)

Hello. I'm about 6 weeks post-op. A couple weeks ago, I noticed some hardness in both breasts towards the inner lower sections. I was instructed via... READ MORE

2 months post op of Breast Reduction, I developed hematoma. I have been massaging it. Are there any other suggestions?

My Breast Reduction was preformed on April 9, 2014 and I developed a hematoma (ping-pong ball sized?) in the right breast. My Dr. says to massage it... READ MORE

Can I start taping a scar after 4 months?

I had breast reduction surgery 4 months ago and was only taped up for 2 weeks. Since then I've been massaging scar cream in and silicone. However the... READ MORE

I am 24 days post Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck. When can I start to massage my scar tissue? (photos)

I'm healing well, post op 24 days ago- stitches all out. When n wat area to get massaged / cream or oil. I had breast Reduction/ tummy tuck n some... READ MORE

I'm 6 week po breast reduction (anchor technique). What is this "extra fold or crease"? (photos)

Healing is going well but I have a weird "crease or fold" in my right breast. It's been like this since I came out of surgery. I'm wearing silicone... READ MORE

Post-op reduction 1 month, normal to have a fold under my left breast? (photo)

I have had a fold under my left breast since the day I had surgery. Is this normal? And is there anything I can do help with the healing process? Also... READ MORE

3 days post Breast Reduction, when I should start massaging and putting scar cream on my breasts?

I still have drains in until tomorrow and I have my dressings on. Should I wait until that is all removed and ask my doctor tomorrow? Does messaging... READ MORE

Rippling in one breast is light purple. Trying to massage to bring more blood supply to it. Will it become smooth? (Photo)

I am 10 weeks post opt breast reduction I accidently posted this on the augmentation site !!!! OOPHS I was wanting to know my breast on right side had... READ MORE

Is breast reduction right for me?

I'm 17 and 30F breasts. I often have back, shoulder, and neck pain. My neck and shoulder area is always tense and massage therapy hasn't done anything... READ MORE

What is the best over counter for scars and to flatten them?

My scars are red and lumpy!How long should you message for? READ MORE

Fat necrosis with pain. What are my options? (photos)

Is it common for fat necrosis post-reduction to be painful? I had a reduction June 15th. My R breast has two large areas of necrosis, that are visible... READ MORE

What is the hard lump in my right breast after breast reduction/uplift? Will it go?

I am six weeks post surgery.I can feel a lump the size of mandarin in right hand side of right breast..Will it go? Il keep massaging.I hope it goes READ MORE

Is a keloid forming? (Photo)

I have a history of scarring issues - I have a large keloid scar from an ACL repair. I had a BR on 11/05/15 and have healed well so far. Due to the... READ MORE

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