Mammogram + Breast Reduction

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Are Abnormal Mammogram Results Common for Women Who Have Undergone Breast Reductions?

I underwent my breast reduction in July 2010 and I had my first post op mammogram last week (I informed the Tech of my BR). Unfortunately, I was... READ MORE

Will breast reduction surgery cause internal scar tissue that can be mistaken for breast cancer during mammograms?

I am a candidate for reduction mammoplasty. It's determined I have a higher than normal risk for breast cancer due to family history. My doctor would... READ MORE

How long after a Breast Reduction is it recommended to get a mammogram?

Just wandering how long after a reduction do you need to get a mammogram. Im thinking it was bad when I had larger breast what happens to my nice... READ MORE

1 year post op, is it possible to get breast cancer from the Breast Reduction surgery?

I had a breast reduction a year ago and i recently was doing a self mammogram and discovered a lump in one of my breast, it doesn't hurt or anything... READ MORE

Would Breast Calcifications Showing on a Mammogram Inhibit my Breast Reduction Surgery?

I had a recent mammogram and the Dr. at the hospital had me come back for another mammogram and an ultrasound. No definitive masses were noted, but... READ MORE

Breast Reduction/mammogram, Call Back For RIght Breasts?

Had a breast reduction with lipo on 1/2011..first mammogram was 2/ a call back on right breast...everything turned out okay. went for second... READ MORE

Abnormal Mammography Results Two Days Before BR?

Got a letter re mammogram today. Said abnormal and need additional tests. My PS also received the results, presumably last week. I'm 40, no known risk... READ MORE

Found a staple left from a breast reduction I had years ago, when I had a mammogram. Is it safe to leave it?

I had breast reduction surgery a few years ago, and last week I had my first mammogram. They found a staple left in me. When I contacted the surgeon... READ MORE

How Long After A Breast Reduction/ Lift Should You Wait Before Having A Mammogram?

I Had 2100 Grams Removed On December 8. I Am STill Sore And Bruised And Healing. Now I Am Being Told To Have A Mammogram When Ok. ? I Don't Feel Like... READ MORE

What Should I Expect at a Diagnostic Mammo 2.5 Months Post BR?

BR was done 8/17/12; pathology showed DCIS grade3 in one breast. Have to have dx mammo and mri in early november for treatment planning. am scared... READ MORE

I Had Breast Reduction Surgery in November of 2009 at the Age of 62, Going from a DD to a Small C?

Was Told 4.5 Lbs. Was Removed. Aside from the birth of my children, nothing has made me happier. I just had my second mammogram since then. While... READ MORE

Is multiple benign calcifications after a breast reduction normal? Breast Reduction was done 13 months ago.

Had a breast reduction done 13 months ago. Last wk had Ultrasound and Mammogram and indicates multiple benign calcifications and small cyst on right... READ MORE

Can a breast reduction be covered by insurance?

I have 38/40 DD breasts (and then some)which are becoming quite painful. I needed two mammos and a sonogram last exam and am told anytime i have a... READ MORE

Is a mammogram required before a breast reduction surgery or is it up to the plastic surgeon to decide?

1 would think that a mammogram would be required before a BR surgery takes place but some things I read say YES REQUIRED... Others say its up to the... READ MORE

Bilateral focal asymmetry mammogram

Had diagnostic mamm. told because biltateral focal assymetey. Did 3d mamm, left breast fine, they did right breast ultrasound also. Tech did real... READ MORE

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