Mammogram + Breast Reduction

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Are Abnormal Mammogram Results Common for Women Who Have Undergone Breast Reductions?

I underwent my breast reduction in July 2010 and I had my first post op mammogram last week (I informed the Tech of my BR). Unfortunately, I was... READ MORE

Will breast reduction surgery cause internal scar tissue that can be mistaken for breast cancer during mammograms?

I am a candidate for reduction mammoplasty. It's determined I have a higher than normal risk for breast cancer due to family history. My doctor would... READ MORE

How long after a Breast Reduction is it recommended to get a mammogram?

Just wandering how long after a reduction do you need to get a mammogram. Im thinking it was bad when I had larger breast what happens to my nice... READ MORE

1 year post op, is it possible to get breast cancer from the Breast Reduction surgery?

I had a breast reduction a year ago and i recently was doing a self mammogram and discovered a lump in one of my breast, it doesn't hurt or anything... READ MORE

Would Breast Calcifications Showing on a Mammogram Inhibit my Breast Reduction Surgery?

I had a recent mammogram and the Dr. at the hospital had me come back for another mammogram and an ultrasound. No definitive masses were noted, but... READ MORE

Breast Reduction/mammogram, Call Back For RIght Breasts?

Had a breast reduction with lipo on 1/2011..first mammogram was 2/ a call back on right breast...everything turned out okay. went for second... READ MORE

Abnormal Mammography Results Two Days Before BR?

Got a letter re mammogram today. Said abnormal and need additional tests. My PS also received the results, presumably last week. I'm 40, no known risk... READ MORE

What Should I Expect at a Diagnostic Mammo 2.5 Months Post BR?

BR was done 8/17/12; pathology showed DCIS grade3 in one breast. Have to have dx mammo and mri in early november for treatment planning. am scared... READ MORE

How Long After A Breast Reduction/ Lift Should You Wait Before Having A Mammogram?

I Had 2100 Grams Removed On December 8. I Am STill Sore And Bruised And Healing. Now I Am Being Told To Have A Mammogram When Ok. ? I Don't Feel Like... READ MORE

Found a staple left from a breast reduction I had years ago, when I had a mammogram. Is it safe to leave it?

I had breast reduction surgery a few years ago, and last week I had my first mammogram. They found a staple left in me. When I contacted the surgeon... READ MORE

I Had Breast Reduction Surgery in November of 2009 at the Age of 62, Going from a DD to a Small C?

Was Told 4.5 Lbs. Was Removed. Aside from the birth of my children, nothing has made me happier. I just had my second mammogram since then. While... READ MORE

Is multiple benign calcifications after a breast reduction normal? Breast Reduction was done 13 months ago.

Had a breast reduction done 13 months ago. Last wk had Ultrasound and Mammogram and indicates multiple benign calcifications and small cyst on right... READ MORE

Can a breast reduction be covered by insurance?

I have 38/40 DD breasts (and then some)which are becoming quite painful. I needed two mammos and a sonogram last exam and am told anytime i have a... READ MORE

Am I a likely candidate for breast reduction surgery? (Photo)

With Medicaid, what are the chances I would be approved? And what size would I likely end up? I'm currently a G/H. At my last mammogram (a year ago)... READ MORE

Is a mammogram required before a breast reduction surgery or is it up to the plastic surgeon to decide?

1 would think that a mammogram would be required before a BR surgery takes place but some things I read say YES REQUIRED... Others say its up to the... READ MORE

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