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Nipple Loss from Breast Reduction and Lift

How often does nipple loss from breast reduction or breast lift occur? Why? What can the patient and surgeon do to prevent it? READ MORE

Will I Definitely Lose Feeling in my Nipples After a Reduction?

I am scheduled for a consultation in a few weeks for a breast reduction. I have been doing my research and the only concern I have is loss of... READ MORE

What are My Options After Nipple Loss?

I did breast reduction surgery one and half year ago .. but i lost my nipple .. i have scar and the area should be around it has uneven color .. im... READ MORE

I have loss of pigmentation of areola. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi i am 8 weeks post op and i recently noticed after 6 weeks that the pigmentation around my left areola has loss color is this something that will... READ MORE

Sexual Feeling Altered for the Worse After a Breast Reduction

I had a BRD in the summer of 1983. Not only have I lost any sensitivity to the area, I have lost the physical sexual feelings I had had prior to... READ MORE

Considering revision of breast reduction and am weighing up the risks vs desired results. How common is nipple loss?

I had a breast reduction a few months ago and still feel too large. I was a small DD and am now a D. I have no idea what technique was used but I have... READ MORE

I had my breast reduction 12/29/14 and I lost my nipple and areola 1/28/15. Is this normal?

Dr. remove dead skin because it started to smell nasty now the discharge is green and I am packing it with plain gauze twice a day and the order is... READ MORE

I had Breast reduction surgery and lost part of a areola. It turned black and got infected. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had Breast reduction surgery and lost part of a aerola. It turned black and got infected. After 9 months of healing thinking this was going to be... READ MORE

Does losing part of my areola after B / R mean I'll lose my nipple too?

I am 3 weeks post op and had my staples removed after 11 days post op. During the removal some of my areola came off with the steristrip I was told to... READ MORE

Necrosis areola and nipple loss future surgery. Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm 10 weeks post op from breast reduction surgery , Developed necrosis and nipple and areola loss (surgeon took me to an A cup ) when I asked for a D... READ MORE

What are the chances in percentages that I will lose nipple sensation post procedure?

I really want this operation because I'm a size J and I'm only 18. The doctor has given me a few things I need to do such as stopping smoking and lose... READ MORE

Avoid secondhand smoke before surgery? Can vaping have the same effects in terms of putting me at risk of losing my nipple(s)?

I don't smoke but my friends do. We don't hang out as often anymore. My partner though is a smoker and we're always together. I recently bought her a... READ MORE

So what happens if you lose a nipple?

I've seen a couple ppl on here say they lost their nipple, so now I'm freaking out. What do they do? READ MORE

Amount of breast surgeries vs nipple loss?

I had a breast lift just over a year & a half ago. I first started my journey wanting a reduction 30DD to a B or C cup, so a pretty dramatic change.... READ MORE

How common is loss of sensation with a breast reduction and can it be avoided?

So far no dr has assured me that loss of nipple sensation can be avoided even though some were more optimistic than others. Is a dr's optimism a good... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction and implants removed, which I was told causes the loss of 1 nipple. Any suggestion?

Does the removal of breast impants cause the nipple to not get enough blood supply. Is it the mistake of the doctors. I had nothing wrong when they... READ MORE

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