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How Long After DDD Breast Reduction Can I Lift My Child?

I am 36DDD and considering a BR. I have 2 kids (1 = 6 years and 2nd = 20 months). How long will it be before i will be able to lift my 2nd kid? 20... READ MORE

Had Breast Reduction Surgery 7 Wks Ago and Am Having Quite a Bit of Pain when Raising Arms Above Head?

Had breastf reduction surgery 7 weeks ago and am having quite a bit of pain when fully raising my arms above my head. I was very flexible with this... READ MORE

What Harm Am I Causing by Lifting Heavy Items After Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction post op 1wk 4 days. Instructed by MD not to lift 5lbs or greater for 6 wks. I've ready made a habit in picking & pulling items... READ MORE

Restrictions on Lifting Objects After Breast Reduction and Liposuction?

Had Breast Reduction & Lipo Suction May 31st. I was told to miss 2 weeks of work. Well, @ my 2 week appt they said I cant lift over 20lbs for 2... READ MORE

Breast Reduction- Will I Be Able to Care for an 18 Month Old 7-10 Days Post Op? (photo)

Hoping to go from a 36 DD/DDD to C cup this winter. I believe I meet our insurance requirements (including having seen a chiro for almost 3 years now)... READ MORE

Having Breast Reduction and Work in a Child Care, How Long Off-Work?

Kids 6 Months to 5 Yrs . How long should I be out of work ? My days are filled with bending, lifting, carrying, running, and kids at times plowing... READ MORE

Have Implants That Are Way Larger Than Asked What?

I got implants over five years ago because of two different sized breasts. I wanted them to be even but the doctor made them huge! From a D to a G! I... READ MORE

I am 3 weeks post op from my breast reduction, is this normal healing? (Photo)

I wondered if specific movement will delay healing? Will it delay my recovery or lifting restrictions? My plastic surgeon told me that other than... READ MORE

7 weeks post op Breast Reduction. How long before I can do heavy lifting for work?

I am 50 years old and I had my reduction this past July 11th so it's been about 7 weeks. I have a job that requires heavy lifting up to 50lbs and I... READ MORE

What is a good option for a 23 yr old woman with F Cup breasts who want firmer and more lifted breasts? (Photo)

Hi. I'm 23 yrs old and I have F cup breasts that are uneven, flat and droop so far that I cannot see the nipples. I have been larger bested since... READ MORE

When will I be able to hold my 20 pound toddler after bilateral axillary breast tissue removal? (Photo)

I've gotten conflicting answers from various surgeons from 7 days to 3 weeks. This is a big difference for a mom! READ MORE

Could I have possibly ripped the surgical tape and stitches lifting my arms up? (photos)

I had a bilateral breast reduction and lift yesterday morning, I had the anchor incision, and I got drainage tubes. My surgeon wrapped me in an ace... READ MORE

I am a server. How long after a breast reduction until I can go back to work?

I am a server at a fine dining restaurant. I don't necessarily lift heavy things, but I do carry trays that I will stack plates or drinks on. If I... READ MORE

How long will it be after my breast reduction procedure before I can lift my 20lb toddler?

I have set the surgery date and now reality kicks in. How long must I wait after my procedure before I am able to do basic lifting of my 20lb toddler? READ MORE

I have 9 month baby and I have been taking care of him 4 days after my reduction. I have no help, will this effect my breasts?

I have been lifting him up and down carrying him around I have been feeling clots in different spots of my breasts and I recently starting bleeding I... READ MORE

How soon after surgery are you "normal?"

By normal I mean lifting things, walking around, moving/twisting as much as you were pre-op READ MORE

Is it safe to lift luggage when I'm travelling 8 weeks after breast reduction surgery?

Is flying 8 weeks after surgery ok? I will be travelling alone, flight only 4.5 hours, staying in North America. I am more concerned with lifting... READ MORE

When can I lift my child after breast reduction?

I am 1w 2d post op. My surgeon has said he will allow me to lift my infant (7 months old) after 3 weeks. I'm having a hard time not being useful at... READ MORE

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