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I Need a Breast Reduction but Can't Afford the Cost or Insurance? (photo)

I am a 26 yr old white female in michigan. i am very short (only 4'7") and a bit hefty (over 200lbs).i have tried to lose weight most of which has... READ MORE

My Breast Size is 36L. Can I Get to a C or Small D Cup? (photo)

I want to have a breast reduction. I want a drastic change and would like to go down to a full C or small D. Is that a realistic size? Also because of... READ MORE

42L, BMI 40. Too Obese for Breast Reduction?

I Have a BMI of 40. Bra Size of 42L. Would I Be Considered Too Obese for a Medical Neccesary Reduction? READ MORE

I Am Breastfeeding. How Long Should I Wait to Get a Reduction After I Stop?

I have been breastfeeding for a year and am going to wean sometime in the next several months. Once that's done, I want a reduction; I'm a 38I and I'm... READ MORE

My 12yr Old Daughter is a 36I, As a Parent Can I Get Her Breast Reduced?

My 12yr Old Daughter is a 36I, As a Parent Can I Get Her Breast Reduced? READ MORE

I'm only 18 yrs old, but my breasts are already up to a 34L (UK sizing). How long should I wait for a Breast Reduction? (photo)

I have an average body type but my breasts make me look bigger than i really am and it has caused a lot of teasing in school and even around family... READ MORE

I Am 5'5" Weighing 165 and Have a Size 36I Breasts. Would BCBS Cover a Breast Reduction for Me?

I have been to two plastic surgeons in the past who agree that I need a breast reduction but my insurance at the time would not cover it. I have deep... READ MORE

I'm 5'7 243lbs and I Would Like a Breast Reduction.. Bra Size is Now 42 L, Wondering if my Insurance Will Cover? (photo)

There are indentations in my shoulders, my posture is bad, I get rashes in the summer time under my breast and back & neck pains after my workouts... READ MORE

I Am a Size 38 "L", a Bit Overweight, and Wanting a Breast Reduction. Should I Get This Before or After Weight Loss?

I am also a little overweight, 5'3" 194 lbs, and am finding that core exercizes are extremely hard to do, and puts a strain on my back. Will... READ MORE

How small should I go from 38L, and what method would be used? (photos)

I'm 26, 5'3, 175, and I'd like to lose about 25-30 lbs before surgery. My breasts have been around the same size (ranging from 36L-38M depending on my... READ MORE

What are the Breast reduction qualifications? (photos)

I recently saw a plastic surgeon she says that my symptoms qualify me But we're waiting on Medicaid to approve. I am 31 years old Size 36L 5'1 178lbs... READ MORE

I'm 33 yrs old, 180 lbs, 4'11, and 36 L cup. Breast Reduction and Insurance?

I am 33, wear a 36L, weigh about 180 and am 4'11". My weight goes up and down but my bra size only keeps getting bigger in the cup. I was told that... READ MORE

How soon can I go to school after a breast reduction?

I am in high school. I have talked to my mom and have an appointment set up with my doctor to talk about getting a breast reduction. I am a 38 L and... READ MORE

32L breast reduction?

Am 19 years old and I weight 142 pounds. My bra size is a 32L (American Sizing) and 32HH (United Kingdom sizing). I have medicaid right now and would... READ MORE

Insurance requiring 930 g/side, curious to know what size I "could" end up as. (Photo)

I'm a 32L (UK sizing, tight band measuring method in US would be roughly 32Q, +4 method many US stores use I'd be a 36I/J I think but I'm not 100%... READ MORE

Am I a Candidate for a Breast Reduction? Tricare Insurance Coverage?

I'm a 38L and weigh 230 pounds. I have lost 50 pounds since having my child a few years ago, and my breasts are the same size. I have been to the... READ MORE

even though I don't experience back, neck, or shoulder pain, am I a candidate for breast reduction and will federal BCBS pay???

I am 5'2", 160lbs, and a 36HH-L depending on the bra manufacturer. I once went braless for 5 days pain free. I do sometimes get rashes under my boobs... READ MORE

2 days post op? (Photo)

I have quite a bit of bruising on the bottom sides of my breast is this common. Or is it a sign of tissue damage? Will my breast start to fill in as... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction 2 months ago. They were reduced from a 34I to a C-ish, but now they are now DDD and VERY painful. Why?

I had the reduction b/c I had sudden breast growth that started 3 yrs ago in which I went from a DDD to an H in 2 yrs. The growth was painful, as it... READ MORE

Is there a plastic surgeon in Michigan who accepts Medicaid? (photo)

My doctor has assured me, along with the Medicaid standards that as long as I have referrals from a plastic surgeon and my primary doctor that they... READ MORE

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