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Will my Insurance Cover my Breast Reduction? 240lb, I Cup

I am 21. I am currently in an I cup and I want to get a breast reduction. I weigh 240, will my insurance (Cigna) cover a breast reduction for me. They... READ MORE

I Am 27, 5'8'', 230 Lbs and Wear a 38I Bra. Do I Weight Too Much for Breast Reduction?

I have severe back pain, rashes under breasts and groves on shoulders. Even at a lesser weight, I was still a 38 around but for the last few years I... READ MORE

5'2, 115lbs, 28i, Am I A Candidate For Insurance Covered Breast Reduction?

I'm large chested. I love my breasts but now that I'm in my mid-20s and have had a child they're becoming an issue. I have regular back... READ MORE

Breast Lift/reduction and Hip/stomach Liposuction; What Would You Suggest For Large Breasts?

My hip/shoulders dislocate - from medical condition! I have extremely large breasts - 40 I - they are pendulous weigh about 9lbs each! I have a lot of... READ MORE

I'm 22 and extremely miserable. I'm a 34i and I need a breast reduction asap. How can I get my insurance to pay for this asap. (

I would like to be a 36dd. I have extreme back,shoulder,and neck pain. Their so heavy my bra straps dig into my shoulders and create deep dark painful... READ MORE

My name is Maleeah. I'm 14 with size 32I breasts. Can I get a reduction?

Hi, I've been a 32I for almost two years now. My right breast is a cup size bigger than the left which makes bras difficult. I constantly have back... READ MORE

Breast Reduction - How Do I Proceed? What to Ask? How to Find the Right Doc?

Hello! I am 5'3", 37 years old and a mother to two teens. I have lost 50 pounds and am working on another fifty to get me to my goal weight... READ MORE

What kind of breast lift/reduction procedure would be right for me? (Photo)

I am 22 yrs old & between size 32I/30J. My chest has made exercise difficult, my back hurt, and my posture is worsening due to the extra weight. I was... READ MORE

How Can I Find an Experienced Surgeon That is Comfortable with Reducing Extremely Large Breast Size 42I?

My breast are currently a 42 I, The surgeons that I have recently consulted with has informed me that they are not comfortable performing surgery on... READ MORE

Is it realistic to go from a 32I to a 32B or C?

Hello! I was wondering if it's realistic to want to size down so drastically. I'm 5'0, 130lb with 32I breasts. I included some pictures of myself ^^... READ MORE

Would it be possible to reduce my breasts by 5 cup sizes? (28I to 28D)

19/98 lbs/28I(32F). Reduction booked/approved by insurance. In consultation, my surgeon and I discussed ballpark sizes: remove as much as safely... READ MORE

Can a breast lift and/or reduction be done without any cutting around the nipple? (photos)

I've had 3 kids & my breasts have gotten larger with each one. I now wear a size 38 I. I'm not so much concerned about the size, as I've had large... READ MORE

Possible to reduce 42Is to A or B cup with reduction plus weight loss? (photo)

I'm 5ft tall and agender with 42I breasts, but would prefer tiny ones. Is it safe to tell the surgeon I want them as small as possible and then... READ MORE

28/30 band I/H cups qualify for breast reduction?

I am a 21 yr old female college student, 145lbs, and have a 28 band size with breasts that fluctuate H-I cups. My chest structure is small and the... READ MORE

How small can my breast reduction be from a 34I?

Currently a 34I after pregnancy and breastfeeding for a year. (still am but will be weaning soon) I'm 5'3 and 'overweight' because my breast take up... READ MORE

I'm wondering if I'm able to get get a breast reduction at my age?

I'm age 16 and my cup size is I32. i have bad back pain, stiff shoulders, and sometimes I even have trouble breathing, I also haven't grown for almost... READ MORE

Is Breast Reduction surgery an option for a 16 year old?

I'm fairly petite, just about 5'0, and feel that my breasts are extremely out of proportion to the rest of my body. My current bra size is about a 34I... READ MORE

I'm considering a breast reduction but don't have big areolas.

Hi, I wanted to know if it's necessary for Plastic Surgeons to cut around your nipples during the procedure?? I'm a 34i and I weigh 150lbs and I need... READ MORE

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