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Should I be worried if one breast is hard in places and warm to the touch after Breast Reduction? (photos)

Had a br 12 days ago. The left side was "fuller" right away but now it seems to be more tender, warm to the touch and hard in a area or two. It does... READ MORE

Bad smelling pus and old blood oozing from breast after reduction 11 days after surgery (photos)

I had bad pain two days before, my right breast was also hot. My doc put me on amoxicillin. As I took off the tape ( I had itching under) I pulled on... READ MORE

Is it normal for my breasts to feel so warm/hot compared to the rest of my body? (Photo)

I know it has only been a week and half since my surgery, but I had a breast reduction for pain in my back and pain in my collar bone from the weight.... READ MORE

Is It Normal To Have Warm Area on Breast After Reduction?

Im 4weeks post op had a wound separation 2nd week after surgery along with infection my surgeon put me on antibiotics(keflex) but one side of my... READ MORE

Post Breast Reduction surgery one nipple began getting kind of sharp pains and feels very hot, is this normal?

I went from a DDD to a C and my surgery was exactly 14 days ago, it doesn't hurt all the time but occasionally I will get sharp hot pains in one nipple READ MORE

I had a breast reduction three days ago and now my left ear is hot and red. Is it anything to worry about?

I had breast reduction on Tuesday and everything has been going well. I have very little pain and I feel fine, but today when I was lying in bed I... READ MORE

Hematoma. Can I use a hot water bottle for the pain or is a cold pack better?

I have a Hematoma on my left breast after surgery breast reduction , can I used a hot water bottle of the pain or is a cold pack better . I've been... READ MORE

I'm 10 days post breast reduction and freaking out. I have staples, long scars and hot, painful bulges. Will they heal? (Photo)

After my surgery I woke up with long scars that extended past the armpit and staples that weren't discussed previously at my pre-op. i now have bulges... READ MORE

Follow up: Could the growth of the wounds have been prevented? I followed all the wound care instructions properly. (photos)

Large open wound. I'm 4 weeks post surgery, have experienced much pain, swelling and sensitivity in my left breast. I've seen my surgeon 3 times... READ MORE

Advice following breast reduction.?

I had a breast reduction 9 days ago. I went back yesterday to have my dressings changed and they said I had a blood clot in my left side which would... READ MORE

Redness hot on side of breasts. (Photos)

I've had a BR 2.5 weeks ago. I contracted a staph skin infection on my face and neck. Not breasts. I have had these red hot patches in the side of... READ MORE

Warm/hot bubbled swelling underneath breast after reduction? (photos)

I have a lot of swelling and soreness on my sides and under my breasts. They are numb when touched and painful when pressure is applied. My breasts... READ MORE

Breast lumps after vertical reduction normal?

I had a lollipop style BR with 420 gm removed from left and 580 gm removed from right 5 days ago. The top of my left breast has a hard/ warm feeling... READ MORE

25 years after my breast reduction perfect B cup now back to original D. Extremely painful and very heavy. What's going on?

I had a breast reduction done in 1992/93, results came out great, I was taken from 36/DD cup to the perfect B cup. I was 64' 140 lbs back then. I am... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a warm or hot feeling 2 1/2 after a breast reduction?

Ok I'm almost 2 1/2 weeks post op. Everything is looking great but my breast get warm or hot to the touch sometimes but so does my stomach at times. I... READ MORE

10 days post op from a breast reduction, my breasts feel hot and very full. Much like being engorged while breast feeding.

Is this normal? They are not red, nor do they look infected. No fever. They just feel hot and full. READ MORE

I think I might have mastitis after breast reduction 7 weeks post-op. (Photos)

As you can see there are these areas on my breasts that are hot and red and feel sensitive (sort of tingly) and they sort of hurt, like a dulling ache... READ MORE

What's the best treatment for my infection? (Photo)

So I am 4 weeks post op, and a week ago showed signs of infection in my right breast. Red, hot, swollen, severe pain but no drainage. My dr put me on... READ MORE

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