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I am currently a 34G. I want a Breast Reduction. What cup size would you recommend that I should aim for? (photos)

I am currently a 34G. I want to have a breast reduction, but I am not sure what cup size I should aim for so it remains proportional to my frame. My... READ MORE

Breasts Too High After Breast Reduction - Will They Settle Lower?

I just had a reduction and my breasts are too high up... I know that sounds like an odd thing to say because your that is the point of a reduction but... READ MORE

Are my nipples to high (photo)

2 breast reduction one 10yrs ago one 7 years ago. always said my nipples where to high my chest never looked right went from a G to a C, and a F to a... READ MORE

21 year old petite female; can breast reduction help me obtain fuller higher breast? (photos)

21 years old 5'3 ;110lbs and currently a 32DD. After a considerable amount of weight lost with diet and exercise, I've been left with low hanging... READ MORE

Is my breast too high? (photos)

Hi, I'm just two days post op, but it seems like my breasts have a strange shape. They are uneven and swollen at the top and puckered at the bottom.... READ MORE

Would I be a good candidate for areola reduction surgery? Can I get areola reduction without a breast lift? (Photos)

I am a 24 years old with no pregnancies. I am a size 10C/D breast and my areola measure 6-7cm diameter when relaxed. one areola is also larger than... READ MORE

I am four months post Breast Reduction and my nipples are to high and my horizontal scar four is cm up on my breast. (photo)

The doctor says he can re-cut the horizontal scar and pull it down, but he had difficultly in the first surgery as my skin did not stretch enough,... READ MORE

My PS says after reduction my breasts will not be any higher or fuller than they are now? (photos)

I don't doubt her abilities or expertise but she says that because my nipple is already in an ideal position that it makes the surgery more difficult.... READ MORE

How firm and high will the doctor be able to make my breasts due to poor skin quality and massive sagging? (photos)

I am 48 years old, 5 feet tall, 155 pounds, 40 D D, to be reduced to a full C. Right breast bigger than left breast. Taking 350–500 g per breast. I... READ MORE

Breast reduction. (photo)

I got a breast reduction when I was 17 , I didn't really notice it much but my nipples are unusually high. What can I do to fix this? I am also... READ MORE

What Can Be Done and Who is Responsible? Nipples too High and No Volume and Shape?

At my last post op with the dr I was still unhappy. My nipples were still too high and I still had no volume and shape up top. He told me that it can... READ MORE

The Left Boob is Higher and Harder! It Certainly Doesn't Look Normal. Will the Left Boob Fall a Bit and Not Be So Hard?

Breast reduction 48 hours post op with lipo under arms. Boobs are uneven - left boob much higher and harder than the right READ MORE

High nipple 10 years after breast reduction surgery.

I had a breast reduction 10 years ago and the doctor relocated the nipple too high. I visited a doctor to get a solution.In too weeks I'll be having... READ MORE

Should I go back to same PS who performed breast reduction resulting in notable asymmetry?

Well-regarded PS has no concrete answer, but has promised to make it right from Day 1. 2nd PS opinion says "yes." Is this sound thinking? Also, If... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction Oct 7,2016 it is now Jan. 10, 2017 exactly 94 days.

I was a 42DD to start. I can hardly fit into a size A. My doctor told me to get an underwire bra. I tried that but it hurts under the incision. I have... READ MORE

Should my breasts be higher? (Photos)

I had a breast reduction from 40DD to. 36C and then had them uplifted. I am exactly 2 months post op and honestly I was hoping that they would have... READ MORE

Is this normal after breast reduction with implants and lipo? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction with implants and lipo to my upper back rolls 3.5 weeks ago. In the picture you can see how my breast to my side is swollen.... READ MORE

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