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Hard Lumps in Breast a Month After Reduction. What to Do?

In my left breast there is a fairly large hard lump in my right one there is one a size as quarter. My doctor said it's nothing to worry about to just... READ MORE

What does scar tissue feel like?

My breast reduction surgery was july 14, 2014. I have some really hard ball like knots around my nipple area and underneath my breast. Is this scar... READ MORE

Nipple Healing After Surgery: White Scab

I had a breast reduction and then had implants put into both breasts to deal with asymetry. im happy overall but im noticing that the breast where the... READ MORE

After Breast Reduction, My Nipples Are Extremely Sensitive and Always Hard; Is This Normal?

I had a breast reduction 7 years ago and I have too much nipple sensation...my nipples are very sensative and always hard. I went from a 36DD to a C..... READ MORE

Laying on my side 10 days post op?

Is it OK to lay on my side when I sleep at night. My left breast is really sore and the incision line is hard and hurts when I touch it. But the... READ MORE

How long after a breast reduction can I start to massage them?

I had a breast reduction on Jan 27, 2015 and they are hard and hurt. They also itch very bad and when I rub them I feel some pain relief. I am... READ MORE

Is this scar tissue one year after surgery?

I am a little over 1 year post op. and have found a hard painful knot in my left breast.Could this be scar tissue this far after surgery? READ MORE

Recurring Hematoma After Breast Reduction. What to Do?

Had a BR 5 wks ago overseas, one recovered normally other developed hematoma soon afterwards, I thought it was recovering at different stages. It was... READ MORE

Hard Plastic Material Coming out of a Wound Two Months After Breast Reduction?

I had a breast reduction two months ago and the blood supply was cut off leaving me in terrible pain and an horrific open wound that I have been... READ MORE

Likelihood of revisions necessary? and why is the one side boob so hard? Scars very tight 5.5 wks po. (photos)

FYI: Breast Reduction, FNG, 6.75 lbs total, 5.5 weeks post (1) Big puckered incisions at sternum creating a pocket. Soft, empty feeling. Could this... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Hematoma. Concerned About Pain and Swelling Returning After Aspiration.

Had a BR almost 4 weeks ago, one has healed fine etc, other was very hard from day one and much more swollen. By week 2 I managed to get it aspirated... READ MORE

I feel a hard spot which I believe it's scar tissue around the nipple under the skin after my breast reduction. Is this common?

I feel a hard spot which I believe it's scar tissue around the nipple area under the skin after my breast reduction in April, is this common and how... READ MORE

Pain after breast reduction. Should I be worried? Is it Mondor's disease?

I had breast reduction surgery on the 1st December for the past week I have pain in my ribs now today there is a hard line going down from the side of... READ MORE

Is it normal to feel so much pressure, tightness and hardness in the breast and at the incision?

I am 7 days post op. I had a reduction/lift with silicone implants. I'm not sure what size he ended up putting in, but I am a C cup now - from a D/DD.... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction and lift 8 1/2 weeks ago. Should my breast be swollen, hard, & tender?

I had a breast reduction and lift (lollipop procedure) on July 30th. After 5 weeks I felt pressure in my right breast. That Monday 9/8 morning I awoke... READ MORE

Is It Normal To Have Swelling/fluid 3 Weeks Post-Op?

I am 3 wks post op with swelling of the left breast. My PS says its fluid and not to worry as my body will absorb it. It's not painful, I have no... READ MORE

Air in Chest After Breast Reduction?

I'm post-op Day 4 for a BR. Above my left breast, there is an area that is very tender and hard. It feels like an implant is in there. Of course it's... READ MORE

During my Breast Reduction Surgeon Had Difficult Time Due To Fibercystic Breast, Should I Be Concerned?

After my breast reduction my doctor said he had a difficult time because my fibercystic breast were like cement. He said it to pathology as he does... READ MORE

Thinking of going to the ER to get my left breast drained after reduction.

I went to my PS's office yesterday,I have been experiencing mild necrosis on the nipple, shooting pains, hard lumps and now the fluid. They gave me... READ MORE

How long until the swelling goes down? Is it normal for my breasts to be hard and warm? (Photo)

I had my breast reduction a week ago. I was a 34G. My PS said I would be a 34C, but I tried on a bra and it was a 34DD. Is something wrong? Is it... READ MORE

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