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Should I Need a Free Nipple Graft for Breast Reduction?

I have had several consults in the area, hearing from all of them that I would most likely need a free nipple graft. I'm 29 years old so this... READ MORE

Is a Skin Graft Necessary for a Breast Reduction Gone Wrong? (photo)

I had a breast reduction 6 weeks ago. At my one week f/u appt. I had a good size blister form under my right breast. I started using Bactroban but it... READ MORE

Revision for Free Nipple Graft / Areola Pulling Away?

3 years ago I had a significant reduction( L to a D) with a FNGraft. Since then the breasts have become larger and the dark areola is pulling away... READ MORE

3 weeks post op for Breast Reduction with free nipple graft. Does this graft look normal? (photos)

The graft looks very red as well as the incisions under the breast. I still have swelling and tenderness, but no fever. does this look infected or normal READ MORE

Can blood flow be increased after having a breast reduction with free nipple graft? (Photo)

In 2013 I had a breast reduction. I was told that the free nipple graft MAY need to be done only as a last resort if there was an issue with blood... READ MORE

Part 2 reducing 38hh. My surgeon does not want to do a free nipple graft. He was worried about the bloody supply (Photo)

The insurance company approved the surgery. I was told he needed another surgeon to help him and he does not want to do a free nipple graft....he was... READ MORE

My surgeon told me I would have permanent nipple numbness. My breast are 42H. Any suggestions? (photos)

If my plastic surgeon is talking about permanent numbness is going to perform a If nipple graft). The technique used will often times determine the... READ MORE

Nipple graft (photo)

I got a second doctor opinion on my breast reduction and I have 42h and he said because my nipple was low and blood supply isn't really getting to... READ MORE

Bilateral Reduction w/ Possible Free Nipple Graft. 1000g Removed from Each Breast. Chances of Insurance Approval?

Basic big boob problems grooves in shoulders, back and shoulder issues, rashes, and today found out from the PS due to the moisture that is trapped in... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction 3 weeks ago. Actual nipple not areola turned black and scabbed. Any suggestions?

One breast required a graft. The graft looked excellent for 7 days . The areola remained pink and healthy but the actual nipple turned black and... READ MORE

Free Nipple Graft vs. Pedicle method?

Hi! I'm 26 y/o with 36J breasts. I've had a consultation with a surgeon, who said it'd be almost impossible to do the pedicle method, and he... READ MORE

I had nipple graft BR. The top layer of skin and my areolas came off. The melanin has not returned. What are my options? (Photo)

I had a nipple graft breast reduction 8 months ago. The top layer of skin and my areolas all came off. It doesn't seem as though the melanin will ever... READ MORE

Risks v Gains: Free graft or pedicle for a 36K cup?

I am pursuing a breast reduction. My provider plans to take about 2-2.2lbs from each breast, and I am a 36K cup now. We discussed a free graft... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction when I was 20, I'm 43 now, and require another one. Advice?

My back, shoulders, breast are very painful. Kiaser approved a reduction last year I had to lose 28lbs. I lost 40lbs. The DR kept wanting me to... READ MORE

What are my options for correcting cosmetic errors that occurred during breast reduction covered by insurance? (Photo)

11 days post op, BR w FNG. My main concern is the nipple grafts. My left one doesn't appear as if it's taking, right one looks great. Also, placement... READ MORE

Is it necessary to have a nipple graft after my breast reduction surgery?

I had a breast reduction surgery that brought me from a G38 to a C3. I was able to keep the right nipple, but on the left side some of the tissue... READ MORE

I saw a plastic surgeon yesterday to examine my breast for a reduction - choices.

He told me I had two choices leave them or since they are big and saggy they would need a nipple graph with the reduction and said they would look... READ MORE

How long will it take for the color in my areoles to come back after my breast reduction?

I had a breast reduction on June 13, 2015(3mnths ago)During my surgery I had to have the nipple grafting procedure. My areoles are brown around the... READ MORE

Nipple graft wound care?

Is there ever a viable case where it would be advised to not put any type of ointment or xeroform in a new free nipple graft ? My PS says nothing is... READ MORE

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