Fullness + Breast Reduction

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How Much Can I Have Done During a Revision?

I had a breast reduction in February. I will be having a scar revision to fix the "webs" under my breasts.They removed 3.5 lbs from my breasts. I am... READ MORE

Should I get implants along with my reduction? I don't want them to be any smaller than a D.

My name is Courtney I'm 22 yrs old and have 34 DDD. I recently went to talk to a surgeon in Miami Fl. I was pretty disappointed when he told me that... READ MORE

Always had large breast even as a pre-teen. Now a Mom of 2 I would like to get a reduction. Any hope for great results? (Photo)

I've always had large breast for as long as i can remember. Now a mother a 2 my breast are dropping, sagging and i want the natural perkiness and... READ MORE

Currently 34DD. What are my options to achieve poll fullness and smaller overall? (Photo)

I'm a 34DD currently. 130 lbs. nursed 3 kids. 46 yrs old. What are my options to achieve ( and how close can I get to my wish pictures realistically... READ MORE

Breast reduction and breasts "deflating". Can something be done to add upper pole fullness?

I am planning on getting a breast reduction in the near future, and I am concerned that after I have this done my breasts will "deflate" with no... READ MORE

2cm Nipple Asymmetry after Lollipop Lift/Reduction from DD/E to C/D cup.Can it be addressed reducing lower pole fullness?(photo)

I have asked already but couldn't go back to add pictures so am asking again. I am 3 weeks post-op. Both nipples look too high to me but the right is... READ MORE

Does a procedure like the Lejuer Vertical Reduction cost more than a "regular" reduction? (photos)

I'm a 38J and would be applying for insurance coverage (I'm from Ontario, Canada). I'm worried about upper pole fullness and breast shape following a... READ MORE

What can be done to make these boobs look hot again? (Photos)

I had a breast reduction over ten years ago and will soon be having a tummy tuck. I would like to do something about my breasts. They look squared-off... READ MORE

Do I need implants to add fullness to upper breast or can I get away with just a lift and reduction? (photos)

I wear a 40J bra now & I would like to have them reduced to maybe a DDD or slightly larger & I know I need a lift! I want fullness in the... READ MORE

Can I Get a Reduction, Lift and Implants for Fullness?

I'm 36 & wear a 34-36HH bra size (after gaining 20lbs), I'm usually a 34 G. My breasts are okay considering their weight, but they're starting to... READ MORE

My high nipples. Is there anyway to correct high nipples after a Breast Reduction other than a Mini Breast Reduction? (photos)

I had my 1st breast reduction & right after the bandages came off you could tell that my nipples way too high. surgeon said it's bottoming out. A... READ MORE

Can you have a breast reduction and auto augmentation done at the same time?

I'm getting a breast reduction Done. My breast size 36 DDD to an F. Is possible to have auto augmentation at the Same time to have an fuller upper... READ MORE

Breast reduction or lift? Which is better? Whats the difference between them? Will most insurance cover the procedure? (photo)

Hi. Im wondering if I need a BR or BL. My breast are long with most fullness on the bottom. No upper pole fullness. Can I go from a 36d to a 36b... READ MORE

Breast lift reduction with implant and lift - Revision Rate? (Photo)

I'm ok with the size of my breasts not the location. I'm set for a MM but my question relates to breast only. The plan is a BL with reduction in... READ MORE

How much does breast reduction with a lift cost in Florida? Can you achieve upper pole fullness without using implants? (photo)

I lost 120lbs naturally and got a TT but now I'm stuck with having large breasts (36D) that still makes me look bigger than I am and not at all... READ MORE

Breast Reduction: How can I achieve the best aesthetic preferences and relieve pain? Vertical incision method? (Photos)

I'm concerned about ending up without much fullness, as I see a lot of after photos that still seem like the breasts sit fairly low.. 28, non-smoker,... READ MORE

Smallest a 34 G can go?

Is there any way possible that a 34 G can go down to a B? Maybe add small implants in for fullness? I'm only 18 also. READ MORE

How much of a reduction is needed? Breast tissue above cup. What to do?? (photos)

I am 34DDD plus. Neck, back, and shoulder pain with grooves from weight of breast in the bra. I am uncomfortable. I have been approved by ins first... READ MORE

Is there any negative aspects to having breast implants AFTER a reduction? (photos)

A year ago my insurance paid for a breast reduction and lift due to back issues. I am happy with my reduction and my lift however, I feel like they... READ MORE

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