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Full and Perky Breasts After Breast Reduction?

I am going to have a breast reduction and want them to look full or perky. I am wondering if during a breast reduction, anything can be done to... READ MORE

34DDD wanting to get breast reduction to a C/D. How much do I need removed?

Hello, I wear a 34DDD Bra (I poor out of it a bit), I am 5'4 130lbs size 4, my breast are far too large for my frame causing major back and neck... READ MORE

Good Breast Size After Reduction for Large Frame?

I am about 5 ft 9 in and weigh about 250 lbs, with large frame and more muscle than fat (but not very lean). I want to have a breast reduction because... READ MORE

Concerned About Getting Good Post Op Shape After Breast Reduction and Lift.

I am 43 and a 34 DDD/F with sagging after baby and wt. loss. I have consulted w/ 3 surgeons about a breast reduction/lift. I have been disappointed... READ MORE

Breast Reduction, Lift, and Implants

I'm posting pics but i am 36DDD. I have ps and weve discussed and scheduled the procedure. he's really made no comments about difficulty of... READ MORE

I am a 36HH considering a breast reduction. How can I achieve round, full, perky breasts? (photos)

In most of the pictures I see of breast reductions, the breast look flat & "deflated." That is not the look I want, as they already are flat looking.... READ MORE

I'm in need of a breast lift/reduction. I'm 36 DDD & would like to be a full c with full upper pole. Any suggestions? (photos)

Reduce areola too. What would be my best option? I want this done right the first time. Also please respondof you think your are the surgeon who... READ MORE

Have a breast lift or reduction. I am not sure which one, I love my 38DDD breast but sometimes they give me back pain. (photos)

If I were able to get a breast lift would that result in having a perky breast and look full and can that relieve some pain. Every now and then I have... READ MORE

I'm 36HH seeking Breast reduction. Is it possible to get rounder, full, perky breasts that will maintain shape overtime? (photo)

I'm a 36Hh hoping to be a d or dd. In a lot of the breast reduction pictures I see, the breasts don't have any upper pole fullness & look a bit... READ MORE

I have a white matter showing on my incision after breast reduction surgery. (photos)

I am almost three weeks post op. I had a breast reduction and lift. I have had a slight yellow drainage from both breasts. Mostly from the horizontal... READ MORE

I am going to get a reduction. Best results for full and firmness.

Hello I am going to be 30 soon and after breast feeding 2 children I went from a 36 c to at times an h. I now am a 38ddd sometimes larger and want to... READ MORE

Does everyone swell? Feeling?

I had surgery Wednesday and I don't feel like I'm swollen a lot , so does that mean they shouldn't go down to much? I have full feeling, so I should... READ MORE

Fluid filled pocket following breast lift due to weight loss causing extreme sagging (no implants or reduction) (Photo)

I am 4 weeks post full anchor lift, no reduction (I wanted to maintain my size). So far, recovery has been fantastic and I am ecstatic at the results;... READ MORE

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