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Full and Perky Breasts After Breast Reduction?

I am going to have a breast reduction and want them to look full or perky. I am wondering if during a breast reduction, anything can be done to... READ MORE

34DDD wanting to get breast reduction to a C/D. How much do I need removed?

Hello, I wear a 34DDD Bra (I poor out of it a bit), I am 5'4 130lbs size 4, my breast are far too large for my frame causing major back and neck... READ MORE

Good Breast Size After Reduction for Large Frame?

I am about 5 ft 9 in and weigh about 250 lbs, with large frame and more muscle than fat (but not very lean). I want to have a breast reduction because... READ MORE

Concerned About Getting Good Post Op Shape After Breast Reduction and Lift.

I am 43 and a 34 DDD/F with sagging after baby and wt. loss. I have consulted w/ 3 surgeons about a breast reduction/lift. I have been disappointed... READ MORE

Breast Reduction, Lift, and Implants

I'm posting pics but i am 36DDD. I have ps and weve discussed and scheduled the procedure. he's really made no comments about difficulty of... READ MORE

I am a 36HH considering a breast reduction. How can I achieve round, full, perky breasts? (photos)

In most of the pictures I see of breast reductions, the breast look flat & "deflated." That is not the look I want, as they already are flat looking.... READ MORE

I'm in need of a breast lift/reduction. I'm 36 DDD & would like to be a full c with full upper pole. Any suggestions? (photos)

Reduce areola too. What would be my best option? I want this done right the first time. Also please respondof you think your are the surgeon who... READ MORE

Have a breast lift or reduction. I am not sure which one, I love my 38DDD breast but sometimes they give me back pain. (photos)

If I were able to get a breast lift would that result in having a perky breast and look full and can that relieve some pain. Every now and then I have... READ MORE

I'm 36HH seeking Breast reduction. Is it possible to get rounder, full, perky breasts that will maintain shape overtime? (photo)

I'm a 36Hh hoping to be a d or dd. In a lot of the breast reduction pictures I see, the breasts don't have any upper pole fullness & look a bit... READ MORE

Am I being realistic with my breast lift expectations? (Photos)

33 yrs old I'm currently a saggy 36F, I have a breast lift booked in, but I think I need a degree of reduction to get my achieved results. I'd like to... READ MORE

I have a white matter showing on my incision after breast reduction surgery. (photos)

I am almost three weeks post op. I had a breast reduction and lift. I have had a slight yellow drainage from both breasts. Mostly from the horizontal... READ MORE

Breast Reduction and Lift, that left me with a dramatic Asymmetric outcome. What would be the best revision option? (Photos)

Hello, I am just 7 weeks PO. I am seeing a significant difference in my breast shape. What would be the best revision option with the least invasive... READ MORE

Breast reduction and breast cancer: Is it advisable to get tested for a mutation of BRCA1 or 2 before I have a reduction?

I am considering a breast reduction I'm a DDD+ a bit on one side and a full DDD on the other. I have two Aunts on my father's side who had breast... READ MORE

I am 35 years old 5'3" and wear 38DD. I wear between a size 2 and 4 in the waist and I am very self-conscious. Any suggestions?

I meed advise on my figure. I am very self conscious about my breast. I have always had a full chest. And as a teen it was fine. That is what all teen... READ MORE

I am going to get a reduction. Best results for full and firmness.

Hello I am going to be 30 soon and after breast feeding 2 children I went from a 36 c to at times an h. I now am a 38ddd sometimes larger and want to... READ MORE

10 days post op from a breast reduction, my breasts feel hot and very full. Much like being engorged while breast feeding.

Is this normal? They are not red, nor do they look infected. No fever. They just feel hot and full. READ MORE

Does everyone swell? Feeling?

I had surgery Wednesday and I don't feel like I'm swollen a lot , so does that mean they shouldn't go down to much? I have full feeling, so I should... READ MORE

Fluid filled pocket following breast lift due to weight loss causing extreme sagging (no implants or reduction) (Photo)

I am 4 weeks post full anchor lift, no reduction (I wanted to maintain my size). So far, recovery has been fantastic and I am ecstatic at the results;... READ MORE

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