Follow-up + Breast Reduction

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Breast reduction gone wrong? What kind of follow up should be made? (Photo)

I got a mini breast/areola reduction last month and I've been left with disastrous results. The scarring around my nipple is very thick and red, which... READ MORE

I Dont Go Back to my PS for 6 Weeks After BR? Is This Normal? I Went 4days Post Op Thats It. (photo)

I went back 4 days post op there my PS told me he would see me in 6 weeks. Is this normal? Most people go back to get checked out, stitches removed,... READ MORE

Should I Continue to Follow Up on Breast Pain with Occasional Swelling?

Hx: Reduction 5yrs; 37yrs old; full hysterectomy 8yrs; on estradiol. 3-4 weeks ago began having a lot of pain w/swelling of left breast. My PCP... READ MORE

2.5 week post op, and I can't get hold of my surgeon. Is this necrosis? (Photo)

I had a reduction aug 14. My surgeon never gave me a follow up date and now I can not get a hold of the office! Is this just fat necrosis or should I... READ MORE

How many follow up appointments are required after surgery as long as everything goes as planned?

How many follow up appointments are required after surgery as long as everything goes as planned? Thanks! READ MORE

Follow-up: What size could I reasonably obtain from a breast reduction if I am starting at 42j? (Photo)

Hi this is an update to my original question. I am a 42j, 5'7" tall, 180lbs. I have received several consults about breast reduction and this has been... READ MORE

Should I make a follow up appointment? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction on 12/16. He saw me a week after to take bandages off and a week after that for about 10 seconds. My next appointment isn't... READ MORE

8 weeks post-op breast reduction. Swelling and redness in my center cleavage and middle underside. (photos)

There's no hard lumps or pain. It feels like slight hardening, more like swelling. And the redness is like red broken capillaries. Is this normal... READ MORE

I am seeing my PS in Sept for a follow up consult. Can any one answer this for me? (Photo)

Question Ps said I have thin skin in first visit. I am 66 yrs old red hair fair skin. What are any issues with thin skin breast skin. Thanks. READ MORE

Follow-up: Are these flaps normal at this point in the healing process? (Photos)

I asked this question before and received a lot of feedback. Mainly you all were saying it was too soon to judge the appearance due to swelling. I... READ MORE

Follow up: No change in size after Breast Reduction.

This is a follow up to my first question to clarify and fill in some information gaps. When I went in, and on the day of surgery the surgeon told me... READ MORE

What's the right appointment timing for a Breast Reduction Follow Up?

Is it odd that the surgeon follow up from a breast reduction surgery was scheduled 4 weeks after actual surgery date? From reading the forums here on... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction/lift. My areolas are very asymmetrical. (photo)

Could this be fixed. Should the dr fix as part of follow up? READ MORE

Who should see a patient after a breast reduction, the doctor or his nurse?

I'm having surgery on a Wed. My post op visit was scheduled two days after surgery. His office called to reschedule post op visit for Thursday because... READ MORE

Not due to see the doctor again for two more weeks. Should I call and make an apt sooner? (Photo)

My BR is now 4 weeks post op. I haven't had any trouble at all other then a slight separation at the T I know this is normal so I haven't been too... READ MORE

How often is abnormal breast detected following breast reduction?

Lobular neoplasia was detected in the breast tissue removed during my breast reduction. I have a follow up appointment with a specialist in a few... READ MORE

Are these keloid scars? I had surgery Nov. 28. It's April. What can I do to Lessing the scar? (Photos)

I have surgery nov 28. I am no longer in NYC so I have no access to see my surgeon that did my surgery. & it seems like plastic surgeons don't do... READ MORE

Calcification 1 year post breast reduction.

Hi- I had BR surgery on May 11, 2016. I had a mammogram prior to surgery, which was clear. Yesterday (May 4, 2017) I had my 1st mammogram since... READ MORE

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