Flat + Breast Reduction

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Can I Have my Breasts Reduced Completely? Like to Be Flat Chested

Hi I am 18 years old and I was wondering if a surgeon would do this? I am currently about a C cup and I want to have them reduced to almost appear... READ MORE

Post Breast Reduction, My Nipples Have Gone Flat?

I had a breast reduction, February 4th. I was a 38 EEE/F and hopefully will end up about a 38D. My breasts were always very heavy but my nipples... READ MORE

Flat Breast After Reduction? (photo)

I had a breast reduction 2-26 and I am to be a B cup but my breast are very flat, is this normal? my doc said they will fill in but I am worried after... READ MORE

After having a breast reduction, my breast seem wide and flat shape is that normal?

I'm 5ft 4in 125lbs. My chest wall above my breast and around measures 79cm (31.10in), around the fullest part of my breast with a thin bra on measures... READ MORE

I want a revision ASAP! BR 1 year post op! What do I need to ask for in a revision!? (photos)

What do I need to ask for in a revision!? I want them to match! Help! 1 year post op breast reduction! The right feels saggy, flat, and like it's in... READ MORE

Does Breast Reduction Make Your Breasts Loose Volume, Become Flat and Leave Hideous Scars?

I am 17 years old, and I have a DD. My breasts are round and don't sag at all. They're just too large for my taste. I am extremely... READ MORE

My breast are very flat after breast reduction surgery? (photo)

My breast look horrible what can I do besides implants I wrnt from a 42ddd to this READ MORE

Breast Reduction Left my Breasts Small and Flat

I had size h breast, with a lot of cleavage. I had a reduction 7 years ago, I told the doctor not to make me smaller than a full dd, When I took my... READ MORE

4 months post-op breast reduction. Seroma and flat spot on left breast. Also small. How can this be fixed? (photos)

I had breast reduction in January I developed a seroma now I have a flat spot on my left breast and it is considerably smaller. How can this be... READ MORE

Is it normal for my breasts to looks like this 9 months after surgery?

I had a breast reduction October 7th 2014. Everything looked fine and I healed. I was a 32H and went to a 32C. My nipples are too high up and now the... READ MORE

How to fix flat and wide breast after a reduction and lift? (Photo)

I don't want heavy breasts back do you take out more tissue ? Then implant ? My sergury was I the end of March 2015 . I am 50 with dense tissue . I... READ MORE

How Can I Best Have my Flat Breasts Fixed?

I had breast reduction surgery about 20 years ago when I was young and overwieght. I have since lost 125 pounds. The only breast tissue I have hangs... READ MORE

Bruising or necrosis?

I am 1 week post op breast reduction, 24hrs after my drains were removed it noticed a small deep red slightly purple area on my left nipple. My steri... READ MORE

Would you recommend for a Breast Reduction to an 18 y/o's FF breasts to flat? (photo)

My bust measurement is 38, my ribs are 30. I'd like to get a reduction down to almost nothing- flat enough that a good sports bra would take me to... READ MORE

Worried about flat, wide breasts if I have a reduction and lift (Photo)

I want to have a tummy tuck and breast reduction with lift done. My breasts were sized at a 38F and they were 34DD before kids. Now that my breasts... READ MORE

I am a 36HH considering a breast reduction. How can I achieve round, full, perky breasts? (photos)

In most of the pictures I see of breast reductions, the breast look flat & "deflated." That is not the look I want, as they already are flat looking.... READ MORE

Does it look like I had enough to get a full C cup after my reduction? (Photo)

Please tell me my options. My insurance covered the reduction is this why the surgeon did what he wanted and not what i requested? I have flat odd... READ MORE

Should my breasts look flat & will my nipples grow back?

I am 3 wks post op breast reduction nipple graft and lift. I'm worried about the way my breast look low. They are very small and flat. I asked to be a... READ MORE

My areola started peeling off. Will it go back to normal over time, will the skin on my areola grow back? (Photo)

I recently had a breast reduction, about two weeks ago. Also, yellow discharge and my nipple is hard and flat. READ MORE

How much can be removed ? Can a shape be requested? (photos)

Is it more difficult or risky in any way to remove a LOT of the breast? I want to go to an A....as in, very small, flat breasts, from HUGE ones. Can... READ MORE

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