Fibrocystic + Breast Reduction

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How Does Fibrocystic Breast Condition Affect Breast Reduction?

My GP has recommended breast reduction because of neck/back/headaches. I'm at a healthy, stable BMI, but wear a 32H, and the cup size keeps... READ MORE

5',2 130 Pounds 36DDD, Herniated and Bulging Disc Through out Neck and Spine. What to Do? (photo)

I am 40 and stand 5'2, my ortho, neuro surgeon, primary, and gynecologist have made reference to having my breast reduced. I have recently lost almost... READ MORE

Fibrocystic Breast Disease: Candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery?

I'm 20 years old, 4 ft 11 inches with 36D's, borderline DD's. I have fibrocystic Breast Disease in both breast and am waiting to have a... READ MORE

Am I eligible for a breast reduction? I'm 4"11, 118 pounds, and I'm a 30F with fibrocystic breasts and scoliosis. (Photo)

I've had large breasts since school, and they are the bane of my existence. Thanks to them, I've also got a sprained back I can't seem to fix because... READ MORE

During my Breast Reduction Surgeon Had Difficult Time Due To Fibercystic Breast, Should I Be Concerned?

After my breast reduction my doctor said he had a difficult time because my fibercystic breast were like cement. He said it to pathology as he does... READ MORE

Is Reduction Possible for Me?

I wear a 32k bra and have fibrocystic breasts. I have several masses in one breast that have been biopsied and found benign, with a marker left to aid... READ MORE

Need advice on what I should do? (photos)

Hello, I'm 21, 5'3, and weigh 131 lbs. My breasts are a 36D, and they have been giving me issues. I went to get checked last year and found out I have... READ MORE

Is it a breast reduction going to relieve pain from the top part of the breast caused by fibrocystic tissue? (photos)

I am waiting for my referral for a breast reduction. I am 29 and 4'11 with a 36DD breast size. Due to swelling and cysts I have grown in size and pain... READ MORE

Would insurance cover a reduction, and would this procedure help the fibrocystic pain?

I have large breasts (36DD or 38D) that are heavy and pendulous from weight loss/pregnancy. I have neck/shoulder/upper back pain and my straps always... READ MORE

Advise needed. (Right) Dent suddenly appeared 18 days following a BR. Surg. (Left) vert. Incision? How can it be fixed? (photo)

Right breast: 45 yrs./healthy woman - cycle every 28 days. Surgery date: 10/10/13. First day of period back in oct. 2013 was 10/10/13, same day as BR... READ MORE

5ft4, 150lbs: 38 DD Breast Reduction- 410 gram? (photos)

I have very dense fibrocystic breasts with intermittent nipple discharge (long after breastfeeding), excruciating mid/low back pain, migraines,... READ MORE

I have fibrocystic breasts and am looking to have a reduction and lift, is this possible? I have 36 DDD and am 21 years old

I have two large concerns. The first being that last time I went to my OBGYN she felt my breasts and told me that I had fibrocystic breasts I am... READ MORE

Would a breast reduction help to relieve my cyclical fibrocystic breast disease?

I wear a 28C but right after ovulation my breasts swell so much that I have to wear a D. My breasts are really heavy and painful and I get cysts every... READ MORE

Breast reduction/lift and mammogram?

I have dense, heavy & painful breasts (fibrocystic) and am considering a reduction or lift, for cosmetic reasons & to take some weight & size away... READ MORE

I did a reduction back in 2003. Now I'm battling fibrocystic disease. I'm in chronic pain. Is it safe to have another reduction?

I did a reduction back in 2003 now im battling fibrocystic disease im in chronic pain had double lumpectomy is it safe to have another reduction? Will... READ MORE

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