Fat Graft + Breast Reduction

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Can I go from D to C or B cup and have perky firm breasts without implants?

Im 17 and have pretty heavy d cups i feel that they're lower than they should be but they have fullness to them, could i get a reduction and sorta an... READ MORE

Unbearably Itchy 9 Days Post Op! BR/Lipo to Abd/flanks Fat Grafting to Buttocks?

I have a latex allergy. I started using the Johnson & Johnson brand non-stick pads and when I took the bandages off the inflammation was almost... READ MORE

Donate breast tissue?

I was wondering if it's possible to donate the skin & tissue that I will have removed (estimated 10 lbs) to people needing skin grafts? I know NOTHING... READ MORE

Can I Do Fat Grafting on Breast After Breast Reduction?

I wanted 34d size but my mom convince me to get 36b and that was a huge mistake because now I'm not happy. I lost weight before breast reduction, but... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Breasts? - Help!

Hi there. I'm a young woman, and i grew up with large breasts on a petite frame (i was always a healthy weight). I underwent 2 breast reductions. The... READ MORE

Are these skin ties typical for thin skin on reductions and lifts? How long do they stay on? (Photo)

I had a breast reduction lift with fat grafting on Jan 18. After they took my drains out they put this odd plastic zip tie looking things down my... READ MORE

Is it realistic/ possible for me to get a breast reduction, and liposuction in 5 diff areas and fat transfer all at same time?

I want a breast reduction plus liposuction in my stomach, back, sides, and arms, and under my chin, and also get the stomach fat transferred to my... READ MORE

Is it Best to have multiple surgeries at once or break them up into a few?

What's the SAFEST way to go with Surgeries including breast reduction (remove extra hanging skin/tighten back up due to saggy breast)/augmentation and... READ MORE

What else can be done to make my breasts symmetrical after my reduction? (photo)

Been a year and a half since I had a breast reduction. Not 100% happy with the results. My left breast is still larger than the right one, and my... READ MORE

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