Fat + Breast Reduction

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Breast Tissue and Fat Weigh the Same?

I wanted to know if breast tissue and breast fat weigh the same? Also, my surgeon said I would need 500 grams taken out of each breast. I am at least... READ MORE

Is 200 Grams of Fat in Breast Reduction a Large Amount?

My insurance company will not approve my breast reduction unless the surgeon takes 850 grams of fat. My surgeon has recommended 650 grams. Is the... READ MORE

Does Breast Reduction Affect the Associated Under and Back Armpit Fat?

Most women of my family genetically have wide shoulders and large breasts. Besides that, we have extra fat at the back of the arm pit which gets... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have Multiple Liposuction Procedures with Breast Reduction?

My Doctor told me that he will do Liposuction for my back, waist, tummy, upper arms, breast and chin. And inject the fat in my hips (sides) as it's my... READ MORE

What are ways of treating fat necrosis after breast reduction/lift? (photo)

I underwent a breast reduction/lift in January 2014. My left breast has a huge hard mass that takes up a 3"x1" (3 Tbsp) area in the lower part of the... READ MORE

Too FAT for breast reduction? Is there a restriction on a person's BMI in order to have breast reduction done? (Photo)

I weigh 240lbs, 5'8", 32 yr old. 40 DDD. Have been refused consultation based on BMI. Is there a restriction on a persons BMI in order to have breast... READ MORE

Fat necrosis - Why does this happen in one breast and not in the other?

I am nine weeks breast reduction post op. I developed fat necrosis at three weeks post op which stopped leaking after three weeks. Now i have a hard... READ MORE

Fat necrosis with pain. What are my options? (photos)

Is it common for fat necrosis post-reduction to be painful? I had a reduction June 15th. My R breast has two large areas of necrosis, that are visible... READ MORE

I Had Breast Reduction Surgery in November of 2009 at the Age of 62, Going from a DD to a Small C?

Was Told 4.5 Lbs. Was Removed. Aside from the birth of my children, nothing has made me happier. I just had my second mammogram since then. While... READ MORE

Can Top-of-Midriff Fat Be Pulled Up Into Breast Reduction/Lift & Back Fat Removal Incision? (photos)

8 Wks Ago ... successful abdomino & brachio!! Oct is breast reduction & lift & back/bra fat excision. Now have fat over top ribs; bulge... READ MORE

1 months post op Breast Reduction, I have fat necrosis. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had a breast reduction done I am post op 1 month I am healing very well except when I went to my last visit my surgeon said I had fat necrosis in my... READ MORE

Removing scar tissue after breast reduction?

Could someone explain to me how PSs remove scar tissue (hard)? What is the technique used? I had a breast reduction (no implants) and have quite a lot... READ MORE

Is this most likely armpit fast or axillary breast tissue? Options for removing it. (photos)

I'm 24 years old. I've have been fairly slim my entire life, but have always had armpit "fat" that I've been insecure about. After doing research I... READ MORE

Should I be worried? BR on 4/6 & 4/7 to clean out a hematoma. (photos)

3 wks ago started having more tenderness than usual (It's been painful and numb since the surg.My bad brst it started to leak, dr sd itwas fat necro... READ MORE

What do you recommend to speed up healing of fat necrosis?

I am one month post op from bilateral breast reduction surgery.  I  suffer from  a large area of  fat necrosis under my left... READ MORE

Right armpit fatty tissue, can my surgeon remove it with Breast reduction? (photos)

Hey I'm getting a breast reduction in 21 day I have always had this fatty tissue under my right armpit that I've been self conscious about I've asked... READ MORE

One of my incisions is exposing breast fat tissue and has some green discharge. (photo)

I had my breast reduction a little over a month ago and was healing well. My right breast has kind of split open where the lower incision come... READ MORE

After my Breast Reduction I Noted an Increased Fat on the Sides of my Abdomen. Normal?

I had a large abdomen prior to my mamoplasty. However, afterwards I noticed that i now have an increased fat stores in the upper abdomen on the right... READ MORE

Can fat necrosis reoccur?

I had the fat necrosis that I developed after my breast reduction surgery removed surgically...now I'm wondering if there's a chance of this... READ MORE

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