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Nipple Loss After Breast Reduction? (photo)

I had a breast reduction 1 week ago. My right nipple did not look good following the surgery. At first it was thought it was bruising, but now my PS... READ MORE

Red rash after Breast Reduction? (photo)

I have had a dry red rash for sometime now. I have used vasoline when it first started. At first I thought it was raw from the tape. I used paper tape... READ MORE

Why is my nipple dark & dry after breast reduction? (Photo)

I just had breast reduction surgery about 12 days ago ... My breast seems to be heeling pretty well however my left nipple is really dark & pretty dry... READ MORE

Why wet to dry debridement?

After researching my wound treatment options it appears that wet to dry bandages is a very painful process and can rip out good tissue along with the... READ MORE

Any suggestions for keeping under the breasts dry? (photo)

I keep getting yeast infections under my breasts, and also heat rashes. My Surgeon prescribed Nystatin powder that I apply 4-6 times daily. She also... READ MORE

Does my areola nipple look like it's progressing? I added a pic from 4 days ago and today 3 weeks post op (Photo)

I feel like I'm seeing less scab and more yellow pussy and blood I've called my surgeon and the office over 5 times and I get the same anwser just to... READ MORE

Dry, scaly patches under incision one month after breast reduction. Any suggestions besides a hypoallergenic lotion? (Photo)

I had my steri strips changed by my PS one week after BR surgery, and two weeks later they were to fall off or I remove them. Few days before I was to... READ MORE

I had a breast reduction about 5 weeks ago. I am very concerned about my post op on my left breast. (photo)

Is this normal? I am worried. My surgeon tells me to keep it dry and that it'll get "better" but it has opened up more. It looks like I am losing my... READ MORE

5 weeks post op breast reduction. Noticed a split in incision. (photos)

I'm traveling and just noticed a little hole in my incision. It's dry and seems okay. No pain. Just worried it could get bad? My apt inst for a other... READ MORE

How dry does silicon gel have to be before putting on clothes? (photos)

I was given biocorneum for my scar treatment. The tube says to apply thinly twice daily and let dry. But it doesn't really appear to me, no matter how... READ MORE

I'm one week post-op breast reduction: having anxiety about possible infection/necrosis, does this look normal? (Photo)

Surgery went well, pleased w/ size/shape. I went from 38E to a full 38C. Right breast was 50cc larger, so that nipple had trauma. Was initially... READ MORE

My nipple turned outwards 3 weeks after my breast reduction, why did this happen?(Photos)

I had a breast reduction in Feb 3 wks later my nipple turned outward. My PS said I had old dried blood n to massage my breast. I hv had intense pain.... READ MORE

Hard, dry, flaky, and itchy areola/nipple 3 months after breast reduction. What's causing this?

I had a breast reduction 3 months ago. About a month post-op I had a slight opening to my incision and it got irritated after applying an antibiotic... READ MORE

Breast reduction surgery - is my nipple OK? (Photo)

I had breast reduction surgery just under 3 weeks ago. My left breast had more taken off it than my breast. My right nipple is healing good and... READ MORE

I have had itchy dry nipples since my breast reduction two years ago (in March 2013). Is this normal?

My nipples are so dry they peel and the itching is insane. I 5 weeks post pardum and formula feed due to low supply but I use nipple creams and even... READ MORE

Should I be worried about this nipple? It's dry & rough and I can't tell if these small black patches are scabs or not? (Photos)

I also had a small white blister pop earlier today and it left a tiny hole. Is this a problem? I'm going to call my surgeon, I'm just not sure how... READ MORE

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