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After Breast Reduction Surgery Will my Breasts Fall Down?

I had breast reduction surgery last year,my husband always say that my breast are falling down to me it's seem the same as i had done opperation is it... READ MORE

Is Breast Reduction by Liposuction Possible for H Cup Breasts?

I am large breasted so I have trouble finding anything to fit. However, I am not a large woman. Currently, I am about G to H cup size and only... READ MORE

Unhappy with Breast Reduction Results

It has been 8 weeks since my BR, and lift with implants. im not sure how much was taken out or what cc implant were put in. im not sure why i dont... READ MORE

Can I Have a Reduction on One Breast and a Lift on the Other?

My breasts have always been very uneven -- more than 1 cup size difference. I was wearing a 36DD bra (the size of the larger one), then lost about 60... READ MORE

Good Doctors for Breast Reduction/lift in Buffalo, NY?

I am 18 years old and have size 34DD or larger. I'm only 5'5" and I cant find Swim wear or dresses. I'm still in high school. I also hate the way... READ MORE

Breast Lift Always Fails for Me?

I've had 2 breast reductions (one which was in conjunction with a reconstruction) and one breast lift. EVERY time, i have drooping and my nipples end... READ MORE

Breast Reduction W/ Implants?

I have DD breasts with significant droopage with extra skin under my arms where my bra sits making them look completely shapeless;I've been told... READ MORE

Can I go from a DD to a B cup?

I'm 23, have a small frame, small "skinny like" body. I have DD-DDD droopy breasts and if it's ever possible to get a breast reduction, I'd like to go... READ MORE

How Much Can I Have Done During a Revision?

I had a breast reduction in February. I will be having a scar revision to fix the "webs" under my breasts.They removed 3.5 lbs from my breasts. I am... READ MORE

Do Plastic Surgeons Let Their Fellows Do Some of Your Surgery? (photo)

My breast looks like it has had two people work on it. One breast higher than the other. One areola round and one oval. One breast pointing where it... READ MORE

Get a breast reduction, lift, then implants? (photo)

My breasts are a droopy DD and point outwards. They look out of proportion with my body. My idea is get a breast reduction so I have about an A with a... READ MORE

Should I get a reduction/lift with a small 125cc implant in each breast or should I just get the reduction/lift? (photos)

I am 46, 5' 3" and weigh 130lbs. I have had 1 child (breast fed 22 months). I was a 28 DD when I was 18. I am currently a 30 GG. 8 years ago, 3 years... READ MORE

Breast reduction/re-shaping? (Photo)

I have enquired here some years ago regarding a breast lift and possibly implants (still posted, I believe). Back then I ended up not doing anything,... READ MORE

I have very large breasts--I wear a G cup--that have become quite droopy as I've gotten a little older?

I wanted to have some excess tissue removed and my breasts reshaped and lifted, but after looking at multiple before and after pics I found that the... READ MORE

Do I qualify for a breast reduction? (Photo)

I despise them every day and it is really talking a toll on my self esteem. They are so heavy and droopy and I want to know if they are large enough... READ MORE

How to shrink and get boobs to get lifted naturally? (photos)

My boobs are super droopy and areoles have gotten big how do I get it looking normal I'm super self conscious Of them and now one seems bigger than... READ MORE

Will areola reduction make breasts look a little perkier? (photos)

I am a 36DD and my breasts droop, but not excessively. I also have very large areola, which have gotten bigger as my breasts have grown. When I'm... READ MORE

How can my breasts be made to look 'normal' they're very asymmetrical and droopy? (photos)

I'm 25 years old, no kids, no major weight loss in life. My breasts have never really developed and do not 'stay up' even in a bra. The sizes are... READ MORE

Would I qualify for a medically necessary breast reduction? (Photos)

Hello. I am 28 years old and wear a size 36 DD bra. My breasts are unsymmetrical and very large which causes me pain daily. I haven't even gone to bed... READ MORE

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