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Why Are Oral Surgeons Allowed to Do Breast Reduction Surgery?

In today's Seattle PI there is a story about a woman who is suing an oral surgeon for a botched breast reduction ("Oral Surgeon faces new... READ MORE

Do I have to see a doctor (other than a PS) for an insurance company to approve me for surgery?

I am currently 4'11" 155 lbs. My breast size is 42DD. I have all the symptoms of back and neck pain, rash under the breast, bras that cut into me. I... READ MORE

i got approval for breast reduction by UHC - can I get the breast lift out of pocket?

My doc got my breast reduction approved but i also want a breast lift and my doc is charging me out of pocket for the breast lift is that common? i... READ MORE

Can any doctor take your stitches out after breast reduction or do you have to let your surgeon do it?

As far as I know, taking stitches out is easy and only takes minimal training. My problem is, when you need stitches taken out of your breasts, I'm... READ MORE

Can my insurance cover breast reduction if I get a doctor's note?

Im 17, 5"7, (weight idk). I have some skin condition and especially between my breasts making it uncomfortable. I think it is from sweat but it goes... READ MORE

Lump after reduction?

I'm a month post op. Everything was fine until last week when I went to put up my hair and noticed a painful lump. The lump has grown and is painful... READ MORE

Breast Reduction - how can you tell if that doctor is right for you?

I have problems with my breast like breathing right my breast is big for me I had three kids can't find the right bra size I was a c cup before I had... READ MORE

Do I have to get a doctor order to get a breast lift and reduction?

I been reading comments and everyone is saying that their doctor had to give the ok for a breast lift and reduction. READ MORE

Can I see another doctor for my pre op approval?

I saw a new doctor for the first time yesterday and I told him that I had just been approved for surgery. He said usually it takes a month to get a... READ MORE

Breast reduction with Florida medicade

Help!!! I'm 5'7 180lbs with an F cup! Lately my back, neck and shoulders have been hurting so badly. I have Florida medicade and I have no idea where... READ MORE

I had a bust reduction 4 days ago?

I had a bust reduction, l see my surgeon once before and then on the day of my op, he rushed in drew on my breasts rusheed out and said I would see... READ MORE

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