Discomfort + Breast Reduction

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6mos Post and Very Uncomfortable and Unhappy? (photo)

6 mos postop (Surgery was Sep 13, 2012) & as you can see I am extremely unhappy with the results. Should my surgeon have done lipo on my underarm... READ MORE

Infection in incision? (Photo)

Had breast reduction 11 days ago, until now there had been no discharge or major discomfort, today i have seen oozing blood/pus (i think) and... READ MORE

Discomfort, Shape, and Incision Swelling 2 Weeks Post-op? (photo)

12 days post op. 1200g removed from left and 900g from right. I'm concerned about 3 things: 1 - sagging under left breast. I know breasts will "drop,... READ MORE

Discomfort from Sports Bra After Breast Reduction

The sports bra is causing me a bit of discomfort. It is not tight but just touching my nipples and scars is aggravating. Is there anything I can do... READ MORE

Is Axillary Breast Tissue Removal Covered by OHIP? (photo)

I'm a 25 year old with breast tissue in my armpits. During a yearly physical and breast exam, my family doctor palpated my armpits and determined it... READ MORE

Will medicaid cover my breast reduction in Florida? I'm at the point where I can't run or jump without pain. (Photo)

Im 25 & my breast are larger than a 40 DD I cannot run due to the size of my breast it causes extreme discomfort.Im constantly having back pains, I am... READ MORE

1 weeks post op of Breast Reduction, the underwire rubs directly on the incisions causing discomfort. What are my alternative?

I had my follow up appointment yesterday, all looks great. Id been feeling terrific up to this point. Surgical bra removed and replaced with my old... READ MORE

Discomfort After Breast Reduction/lift?

I had breast reduction/lift surgery August 24th of 2012. I'm approximately 5 weeks post op. does anyone know if its normal to feel like there is an... READ MORE

Is 19 years of age too young to get a Breast Reduction?

I am 19, 5'6", 130 lbs, and have between 32-34DDD/E breasts. I started puberty early (at 11-12) and have had at least a D-cup since middle school. I... READ MORE

21 days post op breast reduction, one side bigger than the other (photo)

I am 21 days post op and one of my breast is majorly bigger than the other. Looks to be about a cup size larger. The larger one is also much harder,... READ MORE

I Had Reduction Surgery 10 Wks Ago and It Feels Like Half my Breasts Are Under my Arms?

I had reduction surgery 10 wks ago and it feels like half my breasts are under my arms. I have a definite pouch where the incision lines are on both... READ MORE

I have 38 dd pendulous breasts and severe back and neck pain - will a breast reduction help?

Will breast reduction help in relief of back and neck pain-have had trigger point injections monthly for about one year-bra straps sit on area between... READ MORE

Can I get a breast reduction that still leaves my breasts larger than what most people would consider proportional? (Photo)

I am 31 and have extremely large breasts. I have nearly constant pain and discomfort, and a reduction may be necessary at this point. I was happy with... READ MORE

Bruising Under Bra Line After Reduction? (photo)

I'm noticing continued discomfort just BELOW the bra line under the left breast. Tender to the touch and seems to be increasing. Just noted what... READ MORE

Can You Do A Breast Reduction for a Teenager?

Im fourteen years old and am curious if im a candidate for a breast reduction. im 5'5 and approximately 135 lbs. My breasts cause me alot of... READ MORE

Would a reduction of the larger breast be an appropriate fix for my breast asymmetry? (Photo)

I am 18 and I have asymmetric breasts. They are about a cup size and a half apart from each other (full d cup and average c cup), and they cause me a... READ MORE

Saline Implants 16 Years Ago. Do They Need to Be Removed?

I had a breast reduction and had small crescent saline implanted. I have gained lot of weight since then. They seem hard and moved to the sides which... READ MORE

How small can I go for a breast reduction? (Photos)

I am 24 years old, 5.5 and weight 160 lbs. My cup size is a 38H or bigger by now. I was contemplating getting my breast reduced to a B or a small C... READ MORE

Breast reduction scar widening. Any suggestions? (photos)

I received a breast reduction Jan 14, 2016, anchor style. My wounds closed up nicely about 2 weeks after my procedure. I am now 3 monts post-op. The... READ MORE

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