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Age 21, 5'8, 30 DDDD. Am I a Good Candidate for a Breast Reduction? Thank You in Advance for Your Help and Advice.

I am 21 years old, 5'8, and 122 pounds with a small frame and size 30DDDD breasts. As you can tell, this is not at all proportional to my body, and it... READ MORE

Does this redness look normal? (photos)

I am 20 days post Breast reduction with lipo on the sides / underarms. Was a 38dddd. I have redness under both breasts, but more so under the left... READ MORE

I live in Montana. I have 34/36DDDD breasts on a 5'2 , 135lb and am miserable. Need surgeon suggestions?

I have seen a local plastic surgeon & was told he would only reduce to a DD. I have had a size B most of my life. In fact for only the past 10 yrs... READ MORE

What percentage of potential patients do get insurance approval? Am I likely to be approved? (Photo)

I am 5'5", 165 lbs, and size 34DDDD or 34G. I have neck pain and pain between my shoulder blades. I am frustrated with exercise and clothing! READ MORE

Can I get Blue Cross Select to negotiate my breast reduction coverage? (photo)

September of 2016, I met with a plastic surgeon about getting a breast reduction. I am 5'7, 150lbs, and a size 34DDDD. I have severe back, shoulder,... READ MORE

What are my options to reach my desired cup size after previous breast reduction surgery?

Prior to my BR surgery last summer, I was a 30 DDDD, now I am a 30 DD. Still too large for my 5'2, 120 pound frame. My PS only removed 100 grams from... READ MORE

What steps do I need to take to go through with a breast reduction?

I had already asked if I could get a breast reduction, and many doctors said that because of my syptoms with teenage macromastia or "virginal breast... READ MORE

Should/could I get Breast reduction surgery, and when would be best?

I am 17 years old, 5'3" and 115 pounds yet a size 30DDDD bra. Not only is finding bras difficult but my breasts are dispoportionally large for my body... READ MORE

I'm getting a Breast Reduction through medicaid. How small will they be able to make my breasts, and will they be lifted too?

I'm 18 years old, 5'1" and 165 pounds with 36DDDD breasts. I want to go down to a C cup, but I also want them to be lifted. Would the lift be covered? READ MORE

31DDDD to an approximate 32D. How many grams removal would that be?

I am currently a 31 DDDD bra size. I am five foot nine and weigh 142 pounds. My insurance company has a requirement to remove 645 grams per breast for... READ MORE

I am 52 yrs, 5ft 4in and weigh 220, I wear a 42DDD. I want to know what are the criteria for Medicaid to pay?

I have herniated discs and pinched nerves on my back also How fat down a size do I have to go What is the recovery period READ MORE

I just wanted to know how good my odds are for getting a Breast Reduction.

I just wanted to know how good my odds are for getting a breast reduction, I'm 5 foot 5 and 135 pounds with 34 tripple d bra size. One is much larger... READ MORE

Is it common to fit perfectly into my pre-reduction surgery bra 2 1/2 weeks post surgery?

I had a breast reduction 2 1/2 weeks ago. Today I tried on my pre-surgery 32 DDDD bra and it still fits perfectly. My surgeon took 200g out of each of... READ MORE

I'm getting breast reduction surgery in 2 weeks, what should I expect from the surgery?

Hello, I am 20 years old, 5'4, 154 pounds and am looking getting a breast reduction in two weeks. Im currently at a 36 DDDD and would ideally like to... READ MORE

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