Damage + Breast Reduction

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Can General Anesthesia Cause Kidney Damage?

Had br surgery about a year ago, 2 months later fell ill with kidney problems. Took meds for it but the it doesn't subside. Also had an ed, bulimia... READ MORE

What Harm Am I Causing by Lifting Heavy Items After Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction post op 1wk 4 days. Instructed by MD not to lift 5lbs or greater for 6 wks. I've ready made a habit in picking & pulling items... READ MORE

Is it normal for my areola and part of my nipple to be dark purple? (Photo)

Part of my right areola and nipple is dark red/purple. I can't tell if this is just dried blood or possible circulation issues? Am I going to suffer... READ MORE

What is the Impact on Recovery (If Any), Sutures, Scar Tissue and Healing if Too Active Following BR?

I am a 41yr old female who had BR surgery 1 month ago. No complications, healthy & average BMI. Due to a miscommunication, I was back at work the... READ MORE

Did I Damage my Results from Combined Breast Reduction / Brazilian Butt Lift?

I Had a Breast Reduction Surgery 9 Days Ago and the Stitches Feels Very Tight. I also had a brazilian butt lift using fat from my back area. My lower... READ MORE

Swelling 3 days post op breast reduction - should I be worried?

I went to urgent care today to get a different prescription due to headaches I was having. After that, stopped by a birthday party for 3 hours. I was... READ MORE

Is it safe for the glue to be coming off 5 days after the surgery? (photos)

The glue the surgon put around my areoles is coming off and it's only been 5 days since the reduction. I'm calling him tomorrow to make that's okay... READ MORE

2 days post op? (Photo)

I have quite a bit of bruising on the bottom sides of my breast is this common. Or is it a sign of tissue damage? Will my breast start to fill in as... READ MORE

35 year old. 5'7 weighing 203lbs. 38H. Will I have tube in throat? Also will the Anchor incision keep my fullness? (Photo)

This will be 1st surgery. SCARED but I need it!! I have degenerative cervical spine w/bone spurs. What's the percentage of life threatening events... READ MORE

Car accident after 3 weeks of Breast Reduction. Could there be any damage?

I had a breast reduction 3 weeks ago and today I was rear ended on my way to work. Besides my lower back aching I was wondering if anything internal... READ MORE

I am 5 days post op breast reduction and have read you are not to put your arms above your head. I didn't know this.

I am 5 days post op breast reduction and have read you are not to put your arms above your head. I didn't know this and as it hadn't been painful for... READ MORE

I'm 5 weeks post breast reduction. Last night a friend hugged me very hard squeezing my breasts. Will there be damage?

The force used was considerable and he was squeezing me so tight I couldn't push him off. I didn't feel any pain at the time but I had been drinking a... READ MORE

7 months post breast reduction. Scars hurt after dancing with no support. Any suggestions?

Hi. I am coming up to 7 months post breast reduction. I danced the night away on Saturday night wearing no bra under my outfit. However dancing with... READ MORE

4 mos post-op Breast Reduction - left breast very painful after a run 3 days ago

I started jogging 3 weeks ago, once/week, wearing 3 sports bras! After my last 30-min jog 3 days ago, my left breast is tender & sore,... READ MORE

Can I do damage to my breast 2 months after reduction? (photo)

At 2mo I closed a hideabed with one arm.I felt no pain or strain until on the plane the next day.My breast swelled twice the size.It wasn't as swollen... READ MORE

How damaging is it in the long run to have sutures separating around the areola after Breast Reduction?

I had delayed attachment of the areola/nipple complex due to circulation problems during my reduction. Everything was completed about a week later and... READ MORE

Fluid retention within the tissue...sloshing or gurgling sound when rubbed or stroked

I am 4 days out from surgery and have noticed a sloshing or gurgling sound, like water in a balloon when my breasts are stroked. The left is worse... READ MORE

Why is it so important to wear a bra after breast reduction surgery?

I could kick myself. I had breast reduction surgery 12 days ago. I accidentally fell asleep for the entire night with out a bra while it was being... READ MORE

Pain around incision area after breast uplift 3 weeks post op, is this normal?

3 weeks after breast up lift surgery and the whole area feels tender and is still sore to touch. I also get occasional shooting pains, and pain that... READ MORE

Is there a plastic surgeon in Michigan who accepts Medicaid? (photo)

My doctor has assured me, along with the Medicaid standards that as long as I have referrals from a plastic surgeon and my primary doctor that they... READ MORE

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