Combination + Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction and Lift

Do I need to have a combination of both to acheive a lifted breast? Or if I do the breast reduction, will that give me a lift in my breasts? READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have Breast Reduction and Liposuction at the Same Time?

Is it recommended to have a breast reduction and liposuction of tummy, flanks and back at the same day? READ MORE

Breast Reduction and Abdominal Liposuction Together

Having a breast reduction and possibly abdominal liposuction of entire trunk. It is better to have both procedures at once or separately? I know from... READ MORE

Why is the Doctor Charging Extra if Breast Reduction is Covered?

My breast reduction was approved by Tricare. Doctor is charging me $3,500 for a breast lift and nipple reduction. Aren't breast lift and nipple... READ MORE

Upper fullness with minor breast reduction and lift?

I'm in the consult stage of breast lift & minor reduction - 36DD down to Full C. I was told by one Dr. that I would not need implants for... READ MORE

How Long Do I Need to Wait Between Breast Reduction and Tummy Tuck Surgeries?

I am having breast reduction surgery on June 1st and would like to know how soon I can go back for a tummy tuck? And after my breast reduction surgery... READ MORE

Breast Reduction / Liposuction Combo - Cheaper Together w/ Insurance Coverage?

If breast reduction is covered by ins and you decide to have abdomen lipo is it cheaper to do surgery together? READ MORE

I Have Multiple Fibroadenomas in My Breasts, am I a Candidate for a Breast Reduction or Lift?

There are 2 fibroadenomas in the left breast which is bigger than the right one. is it dangerous if i have a breast reduction/lift operation? also,... READ MORE

When to Return to Work After TT & BR Combination Surgery?

I'm planning a TT & BR together. Realistically, when should I be able to return t work? I have a desk job. READ MORE

Can I have a Reduction and then Circular Implants?

Hi, I'm a 32GG and hate the size/shape of my breasts, is it possible to have a breast reduction and breast implants as I do not like "natural... READ MORE

Can I Get a Septoplasty and a Breast Reduction at the Same Time?

I need to get a septoplasty. But I also want to get a breast reduction. I don't want to be under anasthesia twice in 1 year along with the... READ MORE

With Breast Reduction is an Implant a Good Idea for Firmness & Shape?

I have heard from some women that they wish they had had implants at the same time as reduction surgery to improve the shape & firmness of the... READ MORE

What is the Process of Removing Implants and Performing a Breast Reduction at the Same Time?

I had a breast lift with implants after my 1st child. I didn't need the implants but i got them anyway. My surgeon said i had enough breast tissue... READ MORE

Have Implants That Are Way Larger Than Asked What?

I got implants over five years ago because of two different sized breasts. I wanted them to be even but the doctor made them huge! From a D to a G! I... READ MORE

Could I get a breast reduction and liposuction combined on only one breast? If so how much? (photos)

I want to reduce the size of only my left breast so it can match the size of my right one. My left one is about a DD and the right one is at least a... READ MORE

Can a Breast reduction surgery be combined with multiple fibroadenoma removal?

I'm 23 years old with a history of fibroadenomas since I've been 19. (I had my first one removed when I was 19, then three more removed last year--one... READ MORE

Combination sx. Insurance approved breast reduction and paying out of pocket for liposuction?

In order to save money on my out of pocket expenses, is it possible to combine breast reduction and abdominal liposuction? Breast reduction is covered... READ MORE

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