Choosing A Surgeon + Breast Reduction

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Breast Reduction Consult?

What type of medical information should I bring to my physician at a breast reduction consultation? What other aspects of my life and schedule should... READ MORE

I'm 5'3 19 Years Old and 130 Lbs and a 34DD I Really Want a Reduction, but I Have Some Worries Procedure? (photo)

First of all I live in BC, but I have heard about many women going to the US for plastic surgery. Why is this? Is it better? How do I find the best... READ MORE

Modified Vertical with Pectoralis Sling/ Femme-S Breast Reduction Surgeons on the East Coast?

Are there ANY plastic surgeons on the east coast or anywhere close that does breast reductions using Femma-S (Footprint elevation Mamodermal... READ MORE

Breast Reduction. Any Surgeon That Accepts Medicaid (Molina)?

Is there any plastic surgeon in broward or dade county excepts medicade im trying to do my breast reduction i have my approval i just need to find a... READ MORE

My Surgeon Has Sciatica is in a Wheelchair?

Hello, I am due to have breast reduction surgery next week..however when I went for my pre op my surgeon was in a wheel chair due to sciatica..he told... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Consideration. Should I Look Into Insurance? Do I Go to a General Doc or PS First?

I've hated my large breast my whole. I am 32 years old, 123 lbs and a 34DDD (naturally).. My breasts are horrendous, droopy and un-shapely against my... READ MORE

How Much Will a Breast Reduction Cost? (photo)

I have had large breasts most of my life, and am ready to get them reduced in size. I have marks on my shoulders from the bra straps, as well as back... READ MORE

How Can I Find an Experienced Surgeon That is Comfortable with Reducing Extremely Large Breast Size 42I?

My breast are currently a 42 I, The surgeons that I have recently consulted with has informed me that they are not comfortable performing surgery on... READ MORE

How Important is Bed Side Manner Vs. Quality of Work?

I met 3 PS’s for a breast reduc & the one I really want didnt impress me! Doc1, consult w/45 min, took measurements, felt sample breast sizes, g... READ MORE

Are All PS Supposed to Have Before and After Photo's for Patients to See?

Are all Ps supposed to have before and after photo's for patients to see? READ MORE

Board Certified Surgeons in Vancouver, Bc? (photo)

Hi Im curious about finding the right surgeon. Ive read many others' stories saying their surgeon was certified by the American board of plastic... READ MORE

Insurance Approval, But Decided On A Different Surgeon. Too Late?

I went to a consult today and they are going to file the paperwork with the insurance co. for BR. The only problem is that I went to a different... READ MORE

How Do I Find a Doctor for my Daughter?

My daughter is 15yrs old that has DDD size breast. She has chronic back pain and has been seeing a chiropractor, which recommends a breast reduction.... READ MORE

How important is it for a plastic surgeon to specialize in your procedure? (photo)

I'm on a wait list for breast reduction surgery in Canada. I've had my initial consultation with the plastic surgeon, and I'm currently awaiting my... READ MORE

How can I choose the right plastic surgeon for my breast reduction? What are the right questions to ask?

I am new to this and I would like to know how do I choose the right plastic surgeon as well as the questions I should ask. READ MORE

What are the shape and spacing called in breast reductions? (Photos)

I have seen so many before/after breast reduction where it looks like the breasts are fused together and too rounded off and I want to keep the... READ MORE

What is the best way to find board certified doctors near me for breast reduction surgery?

I want to get breast reductions but I need to find doctors and set up consultations to see who I like! I'm just wondering if there is an easy way to... READ MORE

Choosing a PS for Breast Reduction--is Experience Most Important?

I'm hoping to get a breast reduction in Feb, but I'm having second thoughts about my PS. I'm interested in two: One is a very warm young... READ MORE

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