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Chest Tightness and Pain 2 Weeks Post-op

Even wearing a top makes my skin feel uncomfortable. I also have shooting pin like pains at times and my breasts are still very swollen. I have been... READ MORE

My PS says after reduction my breasts will not be any higher or fuller than they are now? (photos)

I don't doubt her abilities or expertise but she says that because my nipple is already in an ideal position that it makes the surgery more difficult.... READ MORE

Should I have my chest piece tattoo before or after BR?

I want to get my chest tattooed, but I was wondering if it'd be a better idea to wait til after a breast reduction to get the tattoo? Or if I got it... READ MORE

Is it normal to be sewn to chest wall after breast reduction, not along normal breast line under the breast? (Photos)

I had breast reduction and a lift three weeks ago. I did not realize I was going to be cut underneath my breast and then sewn to my chest wall not... READ MORE

What type of breast augmentation do I need? Doctor recommendations... (photo)

I fit a full coverage 36DD. They are pretty full and I want to keep my fullness but I want it back to chest wall. Grooves are formed on my shoulders... READ MORE

Breast reduction while chest binding?

I am a 36E and I would like breast reduction. As I am trans, I am going to continue to bind my chest, even after surgery. However, I would like to... READ MORE

Am i able to get a breast reduction when I have severe chest acne?

So i finally decided to get a reduction, but 4months ago i started developing chest acne and it got severe and i am now starting treatment. the worst... READ MORE

Can lipo and breast reduction have health benefits? (Photos)

I have sleep apnea, and its worse when I'm on my back. I feel this is because my chest is so large (size DDD/E). I also tend to gain all my weight in... READ MORE

Can I get my chest revised so the breasts are symmetrical and I could wear a low cut top without the scars showing?(photos)

I had a breast reduction done 7 years ago and a scar revision surgery done 5 years ago, however I'm still very unhappy with the appearance of my... READ MORE

Breast reduction question. I have lost 46 lbs. Need to lose more for best result. (photos)

I have lost 46 lbs 66 yrs old. Need to lose 35 more. 5'2.75" wt 173. My consult with ps said I have thin skin. What's the problem? See dr next month... READ MORE

What is the most cost effective region in the U.S. to have a breast reduction?

I'm 33, 5'5", 130 lbs w/a 34DD chest size living in the NYC area. I've had constant back & neck pain for years. I have an initial consultation this... READ MORE

Do you recommend a breast Reduction at the age of 30 with no kids yet and single? Idk if i want kids or not

My breasts size are an 38H. An "H" is the largest cup size at Lane Bryant so if I go beyond that i wouldn't know where to shop for a bra. My breast... READ MORE

I have a red dot, smaller than the head of a pin, on my chest. Any suggestions?

Hello. I had a breast reduction done in July of 2012, soon after I noticed a tony Now I have about three more on my chest, and when I looked it up, a... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about excessive gurgling in neck and chest after breast reduction?

I had breast reduction 3 days ago. When I touch my neck and or upper chest I have very loud gurgling. I have history of retaining fluids especially... READ MORE

Novocaine injections for breast reduction. Just wondering how long does it take for that to wear off??

I had a breast reduction done 12/17/15 and had novacaine injected in my back I think 3 on my left and 4 on my right. I can barely feel anything around... READ MORE

Alternative to breast reduction surgery: can chest workout reduce the size of the breast?

I'm 163cm and 47kg with 32B bra size. I'm physically active and I thought a smaller breast would be more ideal for what I do. I wonder if chest... READ MORE

How many referrals for breast reduction showing the medical necessity would you recommend?

I am 26, had an overly large bust since 12. By some miracle, no stretch marks. At 120lbs, I was down to 34dd. I put on weight, have slowly been losing... READ MORE

What could be causing my pain around areola and nipple that has continued since my breast reduction almost 4 yrs ago?

The pain is intermittent and sharp, I tied asking the surgeon in past he kept saying it was just the nerves going off from surgery. it's over 4 yrs... READ MORE

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