Breast Cancer + Breast Reduction

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Will breast reduction surgery cause internal scar tissue that can be mistaken for breast cancer during mammograms?

I am a candidate for reduction mammoplasty. It's determined I have a higher than normal risk for breast cancer due to family history. My doctor would... READ MORE

1 year post op, is it possible to get breast cancer from the Breast Reduction surgery?

I had a breast reduction a year ago and i recently was doing a self mammogram and discovered a lump in one of my breast, it doesn't hurt or anything... READ MORE

I want to get my breast and areoles completely removed? (photo)

I hate them so much, especially the areoles. They are so flat too, they never been perky, but i don't really care about that now, i just want them... READ MORE

Breast Liposuction and Family History of Breast Cancer?

I'm thinking of getting breast reduction by liposuction. However my mother died of breast cancer at 40 (I'm 41) and I'm concerned about... READ MORE

Thinking about a breast reduction in the near future, cost and will it help?

I am a 17 year old female, turning 18 in the near months. I am 5'3" and currently weight about 126lbs. Ever since I was about 13 I have wanted to have... READ MORE

Breast Cancer survivor after having lumpectomy and lymph node dissection of 18 nodes, have 38DDD and want a B-C cup. (photos)

I am having lymphodema due to the node removal and would like to reduce the pain that is occurring in the breast in which the tumor was removed. Also... READ MORE

Effect of Radiation for Breast Cancer on Breast Reduction Scars?

Had BR midAugust 2012, pathology found DCIS grade3 in right breast. additonal testing shows no other disease. May need radiation to reduce recurrence,... READ MORE

Breast reduction w/ implants 10+ years ago, large oozing sores in the undercut area that won't heal. (Photo)

After all these years, could my body be rejecting the implants? Could it be breast cancer? Are these sores common (I have had smaller ones that healed... READ MORE

Does dense breast tissue reduce your risk of breast cancer? (Photos)

I,m getting a breast reduction soon,but after I had my mammogram I was told that I have dense tissue.I wanted to know would the breast reduction... READ MORE

Can breast cancer survivors who have gone through radiation still get a reduction?

The most recent doctor I saw told me a drug is being developed by 2017 to help with the healing process for breast cancer survivors who have gone... READ MORE

After 2 surgeries for breast cancer & breast reduction, I have large open wound with a lot of pain and is not healing. Advice?

8 months ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer on my left side & I had a surgery. Then I had a 2nd surgery to remove my lymph nodes followed by... READ MORE

Breast reduction and breast cancer: Is it advisable to get tested for a mutation of BRCA1 or 2 before I have a reduction?

I am considering a breast reduction I'm a DDD+ a bit on one side and a full DDD on the other. I have two Aunts on my father's side who had breast... READ MORE

I would like advice on breast reduction post radiation treatment. Best techniques for nipple health?

I am 4 years out of radiation treatment for breast cancer, I am getting a breast reduction and would like to know what I need to be talking to my... READ MORE

Ca pulsar contraction with breast reduction?

Is capsular contraction related only to breast augmentation or can it also occur in breast reduction when scar tissue hardens to form a sort of band... READ MORE

Should I get a breast reduction after breast cancer surgery?

I am 38DD 66yrs old unfortunately i have gained weight.... it is being recommended to me to have breast reduction right after i do my breast cancer... READ MORE

Open wounded op for breast reduction after having breast cancer. Any suggestions?

I wash it regular pat dry properly using iodine dressing and mepore is this normal its open from nipple down had op on 26/01/15 oozing yellowish pus... READ MORE

I have a hole approx 3/4 diameter & 1 in deep that I am packing with sterile gauze. Should I be worried?

I had breast cancer removed and a very large breast reduction having a lot of problems healing. My newest concern is listed above. READ MORE

Is there any reason I might want to keep my milk producing glands when I am well past my breastfeeding years?

I'm 52 and well past my childbearing and breastfeeding years. In a few days I am having breast reduction surgery and hoping to go down about 9 sizes.... READ MORE

Does breast reduction surgery increase the likelihood of breast cancer ? I am a C cup but have very bad sagging breast.

Plastic surgon said can bi fixed with a reduction and arm lift and possible implants after a few months READ MORE

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