Blood Supply + Breast Reduction

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Part 2 reducing 38hh. My surgeon does not want to do a free nipple graft. He was worried about the bloody supply (Photo)

The insurance company approved the surgery. I was told he needed another surgeon to help him and he does not want to do a free nipple graft....he was... READ MORE

I'm 28, 5'2", 32DDD VS. Will blood supply be an issue if they remove 300g? Is it possible for me to end up flat? (photo)

Lost 20 lbs last yr to 130lbs, got approved for ins. Covers 300g ea. Resident surgeon thought that would make me flat, attending said was doable, my... READ MORE

Is There Any Way For a Surgeon to Avoid Cutting Blood Supply During Repeat Reduction?

I'm having repeat reduction and do not have records of prior reduction in 1978. I had recent consult with PS who indicates that she can remove at... READ MORE

Breast reduction, tissues and blood supply?

Very disappointed with my result; Im currently a DD. Pre operation I was an E. My surgeon said he tried to remove tissue as much he can without... READ MORE

Is this normal healing for a breast that has lost blood supply to the nipple? (photos)

I am 4 weeks post op today 10-8-14 What are the percentages of this happening? READ MORE

Wouldn't the growth from being on Spironolactone mean there is plenty of blood supply to revise to small B? (Photo)

HISTORY: [1] breast reduction in 1994 from D to B (inverted T incision). [2] Small saline implant in 2001, removed 2003 (supine migration). [3] Went... READ MORE

My first PS consultation: he expressed concern regarding a scar above my right breast from a melanoma wide area excision?(photo)

His concern is that there may not be adequate blood supply to the nipple post surgery, causing the nipple to "die", if you will. He would not know the... READ MORE

If the blood supply to my nipple is in danger of being compromised, does that mean no surgeon will take me to my desired size?

My surgeon said I could be but so small B4 the blood supply 2 My nipple Is compromised. I have a revision Surgey coming up and hes making them smaller... READ MORE

I just had a breast reduction and lift, with liposuction to the underarms and flanks. On Monday July 11th

I was a large C cup and really wanted to be a small B cup. My breast look as large as they did when I started and not like a small B cup at all. My... READ MORE

I'm 8d sp breast reduction and breasts are now uneven. Is an immediate revision possible?

I had breast reduction over a week ago. My left nipple is 3/4 inch down and to the left of where the right is. I am told that there is remodeling and... READ MORE

Will I ever get the sensation in my nipples after breast reduction surgery?

I had breast reduction surgery a month ago, everything is going fine except for the open wound that I'm currently treating daily. However, I can't... READ MORE

Redness almost two weeks after surgery (Photo)

I have on my right breast some redness. It is not sore, it doesnt itch or ooze and it isnt hot to the touch. after reading some other posts it seems... READ MORE

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