Areola Incision + Breast Reduction

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I Am 11 Days Post Op Breast Reduction. My Chest is Sore in Ways It Wasn't Before. Should I Worry? (photo)

I have had a great recovery thus far, but I am starting to feel deep pain above mg breasts. Could this be from simply becoming more active? Also, my... READ MORE

What's the Process for a Breast Reduction, When Would my Nipples be Grafted Back on?

I have very large pendulum breasts G cup.From what I have seen and read my nipples would have to be removed and grafted back on? Is this all done at... READ MORE

Dissovable Staples Poking Through..ouch..?

I had br on 3/ used dissovable staples..they are poking thru my incision and arond the aerola as well. I feel like i am on fire with these... READ MORE

Is It Always Necessary to Cut Around the Areola While Performing Breast Reduction?

Hello, I am considering to have breast reduction as my left breast is still slightly bigger and hang lower than the right one after liposuction. The... READ MORE

Incisions not completely closed. Can I apply new steri strips? (Photo)

I am 20 days post BR. My ps told me that the steri strips could be removed at 3 weeks so I removed yesterday -- I took off in the shower since they... READ MORE

Suture Tape Started Coming off on Its Own...I'm Not Sure if I'm Healed Enough?

I had a breast reduction roughly 3 weeks ago. All of my sutures are internal and he put tape over the scars to keep them from widening. He said I... READ MORE

After a Breast Reduction Can The 2nd Surgery Be Done Thru the Areola to Reduce 1st Scar?

Can the original breast reduction procedure scar be reduced by taking the excess skin that has been gained again be done on a second surgery thru the... READ MORE

Are the use of areolatomes common practice for a breast reduction? (photo)

I have seen many after pictures with some pretty misshaped nipples. Do some surgeons attempt to make a circular nipple free-hand? READ MORE

Breast Reduction question about location of anchor incisions. Any suggestions?

I'm confused where the incisions are located for an anchor type reduction. There's the aerola incision. But for the vertical & horizontal cuts, I'm... READ MORE

Almost 3 weeks post op breast reduction, is it normal for my nipple to look like this? (Photos)

I had a breast reduction on 2/2. The area around my areola on my right breast seems to have dark dried blood under the surgical tape. Is this normal?... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Technique - Is this incision pattern normal?

I had a breast reduction today. I just peeked at my new (much smaller!). I though my PS was going to de an anchor incision pattern.. instead, I still... READ MORE

I had breast reduction through areola and dissolvable anchor stitches were used.

I had pulled some out with my tweezers. Is it possible that one didnt melt and scar tissue devoloped around it! I'm really scared they want to biopsy... READ MORE

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