After Pregnancy + Breast Reduction

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How to Qualify for Medicaid for Breast Reduction?

Ok I just had a baby, and my medicaid ran out. They say its very hard to get it back once it runs out because its hard to prove you have a condition.... READ MORE

Breast Reduction Surgery After Pregnancy?

How long after giving birth should I wait before I can undergo breast reduction surgery? READ MORE

Breast Reduction from G Cup: What Size is Appropriate

I am 37 years old, 5'7", 158 lbs, 36G (increased from 32F prior to kids). My goal weight is 135 lbs and I am now losing weight. What type of... READ MORE

I Am a 32G/H, What Size Would I Be if 500 Grams Was Taken? (photo)

I am 24 years old, mother of two kids, done breast feeding and done having children. I have struggled with large breasts my entire life since puberty.... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Go from a D Cup to a C Cup in Breast Size? (photo)

I loved my perfect C cups before I got pregnant. They didn't sag or lay against my stomach. After my pregnancy, i am not happy with the appearance... READ MORE

Will Illinois Medicaid Cover Breast Reduction of G Cup Breasts?

I'm 5'1", 28 years old and have always had large breasts. My bra size right out of high school was 36DDD. That was 10 years and 2 children ago... READ MORE

Would Breat Reduction Help Pain in The lower Back?

Hi, I am 35 and done having children. My breasts are 38 G and i weigh 160 and am 5'9. My lower back has been a problem for years now. Would a breast... READ MORE

How many LBS does my breast weigh?

I weigh around 181 and i feel like most of my weight goes to my breast. Ive tried to find this out for a while now but i havent found a straight... READ MORE

I Am a 36ddd and my Breasts Sag. Should I Get a Reduction and Lift or Just One?

I am 23 years old. My breasts grew super quickly when I was very young. They have never really been perky and I have had a lot of back and shoulder... READ MORE

Will Insurance Cover Breast Reduction for H Cup Breasts?

I have been suffering for years with back, neck, and shoulder pain due to the size of my breasts but never got surgery due to lack of insurance and I... READ MORE

54 Married, Black Women, Surgery Aug 2012, (2) Questions, Nipples Inverted/flat, Dark Colored Scars?

I am 54 Married, Black Women, I had surgery Aug 2, 2012, I have two questions, my nipples are inverted and some what flatten, plus I have dark colored... READ MORE

reduction and implants??

I have had large breasts since I was in 4th grade. When every other little girl was still wishing for boobs, I was trying to figure out a way to smash... READ MORE

Hunchback Much? Mom of 4 With No Insurance? (photo)

Mom of 4 worked perdiem with no insurance. So no doc visits even though I have head, neck, shoulder, nerve and rib pain. Now I finally have... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get a Breast Reduction Approved by Insurance when You Are a Large C? (photo)

I am 34 year old mom of two. I lost about 100 lbs after the birth of my children. The problem is I need a reduction but am about a 32C/D. I need to... READ MORE

Post Breast Reduction Size?

I am less the one week post breast reduction (too early to judge size, I know). I have just been hearing from others who say they did not get down to... READ MORE

Asymmetry Post Breast Reduction - Size and Shape?

I had a breast reduction on 31 July. I was an 18(40) F with left about half a cup larger than right. I am now a D but the right breast has a sort of... READ MORE

Breast Reduction/lift and Sizing? (photo)

After having 2 babies I went from a perfect C to a DD. I am seriously thinking to get a breast reduction using the vertical incision technique. I also... READ MORE

How can I maintain the hardness of my Breasts?

I am 36 year old with 3 Kids, Last one is 2 year old. My breast are very much loose like deadness. So, how can I maintain their Hardness (tightness)... READ MORE

What Are the Chances That my Breast Will Grown After Surgery?

I am 20yrs old have always had large breasts. I recently had my daughter 7 months ago, and my breasts are just continually growing. I have always... READ MORE

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