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I want to have a Mastectomy and Breast Reduction. After surgery, when will I most likely be able to drive and be active?

Decided I wanted to have breast reduction on non cancer side and total mastectomy and reconstruction on cancer side. Know this is a major surgery... READ MORE

How Soon After BR Can I Play Golf?

How Soon After BR Can I Play Golf? READ MORE

Post operatively activity and sleeping? (photos)

I wasn't really given any clear concise directions postoperatively. I'm really not sure how high I can lift my arms what my lifting restrictions are... READ MORE

How Soon After Breast Reduction Can I Do Downhill Skiing?

I had breast reduction surgery 2 weeks ago. I am doing well, no pain, no issue. My surgical tape is still in place. I have walked at a 4mph pace,... READ MORE

Breast Reduction for Very Active People

I am a BIG time backpacker, hiker, canoer, climber, skier etc., 45yrs old. Just had a unilateral breast reduction. 1 lb was removed keyhole incision.... READ MORE

What is the Impact on Recovery (If Any), Sutures, Scar Tissue and Healing if Too Active Following BR?

I am a 41yr old female who had BR surgery 1 month ago. No complications, healthy & average BMI. Due to a miscommunication, I was back at work the... READ MORE

Too much activity after reduction?

'm 10 days PO and the last few days have done a little housework and gone shopping with my daughter. Tonight I'm in pain and have noticed hard lumps... READ MORE

Edema + 1-2 pitting to the bottom of my breast. What do I do?

I reduced my upper body activities dramatically. No more lifting greater than 5 lbs. Light duty activity only (cook, wash & fold clothes and drive... READ MORE

Should I be concerned about this nipple? (photos)

25 y/o female. Non-smoker. Active. 9 days Post Op. When we spoke at my Post Op about my concerns, she addressed that it's almost like a blister and... READ MORE

3.5 weeks post op breast reduction/lift. Small wound appeared at the T junction, now turned into small hole! (photos)

Is this normal? The sound which k found a week ago had looked like maybe the scab fell off at the T junction. Doctor is out of town and normally... READ MORE

How long after Breast Reduction before I can leave the house and do small social things?

More specifically, if I have my BR on the morning of December 2nd and my post-op/drain-removal scheduled for December 4th, will I be okay to go to a... READ MORE

Do I qualify for a breast reduction? (photos)

My back, shoulder and stomach pain has become unbearable. The chafing and constant sores under my breast burn like crazy. I am unable to do any... READ MORE

Tips on getting insurance to cover a breast reduction (Cigna)?

I am 20 years old. I weigh 120Ibs and 5'2. I think I wear about a 30DDD bra. My doctor told me to get active and strengthen my core to help my neck,... READ MORE

I am 22 years old. And I have size H breasts. Bra size 34H.

They really weigh me doing when it comes to physical activities. I have no kids and not planning to get any. How smaller can I get my breasts after... READ MORE

I'm planning to have a breast reduction in 6 months and want to prepare my body to heal the best that it can. Any suggestions?

Hello, I am planning to have a breast reduction in 6 months and I wanted to prepare my body to heal the best that it can. I am currently losing weight... READ MORE

Will I be able to care for my children, drive, and cook the following day?

I would like to have a breast lift with a reduction performed. I have to care for my 4 year old. READ MORE

wondering about limits..

I am worried about things like pulling on snow boots and wearing heavy winter coats and pushing pulling heavy store doors etc. simply walking through... READ MORE

Activities after breast reduction: Should I be able to walk along the strip,beach, club etc? Or would that be a bit much?

I'm scheduled to have a breast reduction May 6, 2016 I plan to go to the beach May 27-29...  READ MORE

Will I need help with my daily activities after getting a breast reduction?

I am thinking about getting a breast reduction. But I live alone and I'm worried that I might need help for awhile after surgery. READ MORE

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