Abdomen + Breast Reduction

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BCBS Insurance Coverage for Breast Reduction and Panniculectomy?

Is there any way that BCBS would cover a breast reduction and a panniculectomy for the purpose of relieving osteoperosis? Can these surgeries be tied... READ MORE

Breast Reduction and Abdominal Liposuction Together

Having a breast reduction and possibly abdominal liposuction of entire trunk. It is better to have both procedures at once or separately? I know from... READ MORE

Breast Reduction / Liposuction Combo - Cheaper Together w/ Insurance Coverage?

If breast reduction is covered by ins and you decide to have abdomen lipo is it cheaper to do surgery together? READ MORE

Should I be worried about swollen feet and ankles, and deep bruising during and after travel home from cosmetic surgery abroad?

7 days ago I had a unilateral breast reduction and uplift, mini abdominoplasty, lipo to upper/lower abdomen, lipo to upper arms, inner/outer thighs &... READ MORE

Can Top-of-Midriff Fat Be Pulled Up Into Breast Reduction/Lift & Back Fat Removal Incision? (photos)

8 Wks Ago ... successful abdomino & brachio!! Oct is breast reduction & lift & back/bra fat excision. Now have fat over top ribs; bulge... READ MORE

Is it safe to get a breast reduction through lipo & in abdomen & back & minimal fat transfer to buttocks in one surgery? (Photo)

Basically, I want to get a breast reduction through lipo to avoid scars. I am a 34DDD & would like to go down to at least a D cup. My waist & buttocks... READ MORE

I am 2 months post-op, does this look okay? (Photos)

I had a breast reduction and lift over 2 months ago. My left breast is finally healing. However my right breast seems like it starts to finally heal... READ MORE

Can large breasts cause upper abdominal pain?

I'm 5' 0" with a 36F. I've been having upper abdominal pain, which, after several tests, remains undiagnosed & somewhat of a mystery to my doctors... READ MORE

I'm 8 weeks out of surgery & very dissatisfied with my surgeon. I'm not going back. How can I seek a new doctor post op?(photo)

I am 8 weeks out of surgery from a breast reduction/lift and mini tummy tuck. I have had terrible nerve pain in the abdominal area. My surgeon has not... READ MORE

20 days post op Breast Reduction, uneven results and major swelling in lower abdomen after tummy tuck. Any suggestion? (photo)

I had a breast reduction 20 days ago and the left breast looks filet than the right. Will that fix itself? Also my nipple on the left looks like it's... READ MORE

How much extra cost would it be in general to add abdominal lipo to a breast reduction procedure? (photos)

I'm saving to pay out of pocket for a breast reduction. I'm also wanting to get abdominal lipo at the same time. It's the holidays so unfortunately I... READ MORE

After my Breast Reduction I Noted an Increased Fat on the Sides of my Abdomen. Normal?

I had a large abdomen prior to my mamoplasty. However, afterwards I noticed that i now have an increased fat stores in the upper abdomen on the right... READ MORE

Breast reduction revision and abdominal lipo revision?

Surgery is scheduled for early Dec. to correct size discrepancies, nipple inversion and nipple alignment of each breast. Also, my ab lipo left me with... READ MORE

What limitations exist (if any) on getting a breast lift/reduction and liposuction of abdomen, flanks, back & bra rolls?

I am 5'7" 163lbs with stubborn back rolls and a kangaroo pouch. I have 36DD full but saggy breasts that I want lifted and/or reduced. I wand both... READ MORE

Getting a breast reduction and I want to add lipo of the abdomen.

If I wanted to add liposuction to that same procedure. How much would it be additional? READ MORE

I want to know which should I get? Which one would be better out the two of them? (photos)

Next month scheduled for a FTT and bilateral breast reduction. Honestly I want to add lipo to the flanks and abdomen. But can't afford both. READ MORE

Breast reduction and lipo: Extremely high facility fee

I had a pre-authorized breast reduction performed by a board certified plastic surgeon last month. In addition, I had them do a light amount of... READ MORE

I'm having Breast Reduction and Liposuction done at the same time. How much fat can I remove?

I am having a Breadt Reduction - Lift and Liposuction at the same time. I am having the area right under my breast and my lower abdomen (gut area).... READ MORE

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