500-549cc + Breast Reduction

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Breast Size After a Reduction of 500cc?

I'm getting a breast reduction and the doctor is taking 500cc out of each breast. I am currently a 38DD, what will be my new size? READ MORE

36G --> If 500 Grams is Removed, What Size Will I Be? I Prefer to Be a 36D or 36DD (photo)

Hello, I am on my 3rd appointment, currently with the Surgeon. I'm 34, 5'6, 185lbs. The insurance company requires that 500 grams must be... READ MORE

500g Breast Reduction - What is a Good Estimate of Cup Size After? (photo)

I'm 35yrs 5'3" 215 lbs.I had a bra fitting before my consultation, and they told me I wear 40 DDD... I still have a little spillage out of the cups.Dr... READ MORE

What size might I be after my breast reduction? 32G (Photo)

I am a 32G, 5'9, 22, and weight 143lbs. My doctor said he would take at least 500cc, I know cup sizes aren't accurate, but what might I be left with?... READ MORE

What is 500cc reduction going to look on EEE breasts?

I'm about a week and a half out from my breast reduction. I'm currently sitting at a 40G bra that is a tad bit loose in the cup, lets say I'm a EEE.... READ MORE

Would 500 Cc's Removed Leave Me with Almost Nothing? (photo)

Hi. I've included photos for my question. I have not asked for insurance coverage because the two doctor's I've consulted both feel it wouldn't be... READ MORE

Went from a H/I Aiming to Be a C/D, Breasts Getting Larger, Tissue Spreading Below Incision?

Out over 500cc in all. At the 6-week mark I was a 32 DD/DDD. I notice lately breast tissue seems to be spreading down below the horizontal incision at... READ MORE

What Size Will I Be After Breast Reduction? Taking off 500 grams if I Am an F Cup Now?

What Size Will I Be After Breast Reduction Taking off 500grams if I Am an F Cup Now 5"7 160lbs med frame READ MORE

500cc breast reduction today from 36D/36DD to what size?

Today I had a breast reduction and lift, I was a 36D/36DD and when the doctor called me today I asked him what my new size is, and he said "you're... READ MORE

How long after a breast reduction can I go back to work? (Photo)

I have 36DD-34DDD breasts and I am looking to get a reduction. How long before I can return to work after surgery? I work at an office and never... READ MORE

What size will I be? (photo)

I am not sure what size to reduce my breasts to. I am currently a 34G and fairly narrow with a short body. I want a significant and noticeable... READ MORE

How much reduction is 500 grams for a 36G (photos)

I am 4'11", 115 lbs. generally a size one in pants and wear a 36G Bra. If they remove 500 grams, per insurance requirements, about what cup size will... READ MORE

Getting reduction! I am a 38D maybe even a DD. I will have to get 500cc removed in order for my insurance to pay.

I am 5'4 and weigh 160lbs. I have always been this big and have always wanted a reduction. The PS says they have to remove 500cc on order for my... READ MORE

Can I reduce each breast by at least 500cc's from a full breast size of 36F?

I am 5'8" & 160 pounds with very full, firm breasts. I actually had a reduction over twenty years ago, but they grew back. I put on about 15 pounds... READ MORE

Surgeon has not taken me to size they agreed was attainable. What can I do?

Had BR on 14 June, told can Achieve 34ff to 34c, 450 removed one breast,500 the other. I do not feel reduced enough and even bra surgeon states to buy... READ MORE

How small would I be if 500c is removed?

Hello, I'm 22 5'7 and weigh 180. Right now I'm a 42H, just wondering how small my breasts would be after 500c is removed. I've been thinking about... READ MORE

What size will my breast be after surgery?

I am having breast reduction and full tummy tuck. I weigh 125 and I am 5'2. My breast size is 34 ddd. Insurance is paying for the reduction but not... READ MORE

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