500-549cc + Breast Reduction

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Breast Size After a Reduction of 500cc?

I'm getting a breast reduction and the doctor is taking 500cc out of each breast. I am currently a 38DD, what will be my new size? READ MORE

36G --> If 500 Grams is Removed, What Size Will I Be? I Prefer to Be a 36D or 36DD (photo)

Hello, I am on my 3rd appointment, currently with the Surgeon. I'm 34, 5'6, 185lbs. The insurance company requires that 500 grams must be... READ MORE

500g Breast Reduction - What is a Good Estimate of Cup Size After? (photo)

I'm 35yrs 5'3" 215 lbs.I had a bra fitting before my consultation, and they told me I wear 40 DDD... I still have a little spillage out of the cups.Dr... READ MORE

Would 500 Cc's Removed Leave Me with Almost Nothing? (photo)

Hi. I've included photos for my question. I have not asked for insurance coverage because the two doctor's I've consulted both feel it wouldn't be... READ MORE

What is 500cc reduction going to look on EEE breasts?

I'm about a week and a half out from my breast reduction. I'm currently sitting at a 40G bra that is a tad bit loose in the cup, lets say I'm a EEE.... READ MORE

What Size Will I Be After Breast Reduction? Taking off 500 grams if I Am an F Cup Now?

What Size Will I Be After Breast Reduction Taking off 500grams if I Am an F Cup Now 5"7 160lbs med frame READ MORE

Went from a H/I Aiming to Be a C/D, Breasts Getting Larger, Tissue Spreading Below Incision?

Out over 500cc in all. At the 6-week mark I was a 32 DD/DDD. I notice lately breast tissue seems to be spreading down below the horizontal incision at... READ MORE

Getting reduction! I am a 38D maybe even a DD. I will have to get 500cc removed in order for my insurance to pay.

I am 5'4 and weigh 160lbs. I have always been this big and have always wanted a reduction. The PS says they have to remove 500cc on order for my... READ MORE

Can I reduce each breast by at least 500cc's from a full breast size of 36F?

I am 5'8" & 160 pounds with very full, firm breasts. I actually had a reduction over twenty years ago, but they grew back. I put on about 15 pounds... READ MORE

What size will I be? (photo)

I am not sure what size to reduce my breasts to. I am currently a 34G and fairly narrow with a short body. I want a significant and noticeable... READ MORE

500cc breast reduction today from 36D/36DD to what size?

Today I had a breast reduction and lift, I was a 36D/36DD and when the doctor called me today I asked him what my new size is, and he said "you're... READ MORE

What size will my breast be after surgery?

I am having breast reduction and full tummy tuck. I weigh 125 and I am 5'2. My breast size is 34 ddd. Insurance is paying for the reduction but not... READ MORE

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