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Tram or DIEP Flap Using Stomach Apron for Breasts After Weight Loss?

I had breast cancer (Chemo./Rads.), and am awaiting reconstruction. I have lost 175+ pounds, and have a large stomach apron of excess skin. I was... READ MORE

Will losing weight after bilateral reconstruction adversely affect their appearance?

I had a bilateral mastectomy 1 year ago and am now in the process of filling my expanders. I've been trying to lose weight but have a goal of 30 more... READ MORE

What Do You Think of Using Tissue from Reverse Abdominoplasty for Breast Reconstruction?

In 2000 I had a gastric bypass and lost 140lbs. I have had an abdominoplasty, thigh lift and breast reduction. My doctor is suggesting that I go for a... READ MORE

Is It Best To Lose Extra Pounds Before Breast Reconstruction?

I have 35 years and in November of 2010 I had a mastectomy on the left breast. They put an expander and now …after chemotherapy, is time to... READ MORE

Am 8 days post op from breast reconstruction exchange from expanders to implants. Do I need a do over? (photos)

I think I don't have any symmetry they don't resemble breasts? Do they and how could this be corrected? Also my cleavage is very close and I'm worried... READ MORE

If I lose weight, will it effect the skin I presently have to work with?

7/1/14 had lumpectomy with bilateral reduction for symentry. Margins were not clear and on 10/3/14 I underwent bilateral mastectomy with... READ MORE

Post op tnbc in left breast.lumpectomy both breasts much smaller. Will I be eligible for reconstructive surgery?

They are now uneven much smaller and no longer firm due to operation and loss of weight. Will I be eligible for re-constructive surgery to both... READ MORE

Had a double mastectomy so I going from nothing. Could you tell me what a 550cc implant under the pectoral would make me?(photo)

I have 280 cc's in the expanders at the time of this picture. I am a 46 yrs old 5'10 and i am currently 205lbs (trying to loose about 35z40 more... READ MORE

Will insurance cover surgery to correct adverse affects on implants after 60+lb weight loss if original implant was covered?

I'm 24 years old and BRCA2+. I recently had a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy with immediate direct to implant reconstruction that was fully covered... READ MORE

I had a DIEP flap reconstruction. Do I now have lymphedema?

I had a DIEP flap in 12/2014 & wore a compression garment for up to a month. Since then, I have lost approximately ten pounds, but have a much larger... READ MORE

What will be the impact on my breast reconstruction if I lose weight?

Hello , my name is Stephanie. Here's a little background. I am 5'5, 185 pounds and I had a breast reconstruction back in may. The doctor put a small... READ MORE

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