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Why Do I Have Pain in Muscle Pocket 3 Years After Bilateral Mastectomy?

My muscle pocket is thick on side of left breast. 3 yrs out from BC with Bilateral Mastectomy with saline implants under muscle. Constant pain in... READ MORE

Chest Exercise After Reconstruction?

I've found a lot of information on this site about how it's ok to do upper body exercise with under-the-muscle breast implants, you'll... READ MORE

Can I Exercise my Pectoral Muscles and Resume Running/jumping Jacks After Breast Reconstruction w/ Under Muscle Implant? (photo)

I had reconstruction surgery in November. My PS said I could exercise, but says he wants me to let my pectoral muscles atrophy and not work them-ever.... READ MORE

What to do about rippling, tightness and muscle flex deformity following prophylactic skin & nipple sparing mastectomy? (Photo)

I'm 23 and had surgery with immediate reconstruction just over 3 months ago. i cant even look/ touch them without feeling sick or breaking into tears.... READ MORE

I had a mastectomy and breast reconstruction feb 5 2014 and still in pain. Is this normal? (Photo)

I had a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction with alloderm and tissue expanders placed under the muscle and was filled to 500cc per breast during... READ MORE

Are Behind the Pectoral Muscle Breast Implants Ok After Lumpectomy, with or Without Radiation?

I've been recently diagnosed with Stage 1 DCIS, and going to undergo lumpectomy. Dr. doesn't think radiation will be necessary. Can I still have... READ MORE

Breast reconstruction after bilateral mastectomy for breast cancer: under or over the muscle?

It seems that there is a recent shift in the United States to doing more over-the-muscle breast reconstructions. For doctors who have done a high... READ MORE

Does a flap reconstruction, such as TUG or SGAP, go under the pectoral muscles?

I had a double mastectomy with tissue expanders placed and am now going through radiation. My surgeon says we will see how my skin does with radiation... READ MORE

I am 7 weeks post reconstruction with cohesive gel implants under the muscle. Will the pain and my muscle reactions ever lessen?

I am 7 weeks post reconstruction with cohesive gel implants under the muscle. Every time I flex my pectorals, exercise or use, they ache. It feels as... READ MORE

Expander Surgery Question?

I have had bilateral mastectomy 6 years ago with implants under the muscle immediately. They had to be replaced 6 months later . They never have been... READ MORE

Recent Under Muscle 410's: Too Large, when to Downsize?

One week ago I had 410's placed under the muscle for recon. I know that they are too large for me and will want low profile. Is it best to exchange... READ MORE

My wife is considering above and below the muscle implants after a double mastectomy.

One surgeon advises below the muscle augmentation, as it would push any possible chance of re-occurant cancer to the surface. The other surgeon says... READ MORE

With the recent techniques in breast reconstruction. Implant under pectoral muscle vs over pectoral muscle with ADM?

With the recent techniques in breast reconstruction, What is better, to have implants under pectoral muscles or over pectoral muscle with ADM? What... READ MORE

Had a double mastectomy- June 4, 2015. Help! What can I do to ease the muscle spasms?

Going through reconstruction- expander under the muscle. I am having muscle spasms. What can I do to ease the muscle spasms? READ MORE

Can I lift weights?

I have had silicone breast implants behind the muscle, when lifting anything heavy it feels like my boobs are going to burst out of my chest - so... READ MORE

Can one breast look different if there were used the same type and size of implants for breasts reconstruction under muscles?

Can one breast look different (narrower breast) than the other if there were used the same type and size of implants placed under muscles for... READ MORE

Recommendation on Boston plastic surgeon specializing in revisional surgery? Should implants be placed under muscles?

I am 7 months post op from a nipple sparing bi lateral mastectomy due to diagnosis of stage 1 breast cancer. I have 375 cc mentor Memory gel implants.... READ MORE

Any concerns or recommendations for me based on info below? My Breasts look crooked because of severe scoliosis. (Photo)

I'm having preventative double Mastectomy in May. Surgeon wants to put in 800cc's to replace my droopy large B, small C Breasts. Silicone. Under the... READ MORE

1 yr post mastopexy and implant. Unhappy with shape. I loved my breasts the first 3 months. Now at 11 months post. (photo)

1 yr post anchor mastopexy and 371 cc silicone mod plus style 15 allergan, under the muscle. I desire them to be much higher. I'd like my cleavage to... READ MORE

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