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I Have Severe Pain After the Exchange of Tissue Expanders for Silicone Implants 2.5 Weeks Ago, Why Would this Be?

I had a b/l mastectomy for DCIS in 9/2011 with tissue expander placement (with Alloderm) and was always very uncomfortable with the expanders. I am... READ MORE

Bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction. How long before I should consider having them fixed?

3 months ago I had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction I ended up with two different shapes and sizes They are hard and Un comfortable. Can I... READ MORE

Have a large bulging area on my side/back from a lat dorsi brease reconstruction in August. Normal?

Radiation in March on 1 breast, implant surgery in August, no outward signs of skin damage from radiation at all; pectoralis muscle felt good. My PS... READ MORE

I have been having a lot of trouble with expander. Any suggestions?

Bilateral mastectomy on August 15th. Expanders placed in muscle. My right side is tightened up to where it looks like my breast is trying to grow on... READ MORE

Do patients just have to get used to chest muscle tightness over implants?

I had a prophylactic double mastectomy two years ago. Everything was fine until about 2 months ago when my chest muscles began to tighten over the... READ MORE

Swelling after a double mastectomy with reconstructive direct to implant over the muscle. Is this normal?

Hi. I recently underwent a double mastectomy with immediate reconstructive direct to implant silicone implant. My right breast has settled already but... READ MORE

I am about 7 months removed from reconstruction and swelling!

I am about 7 months removed from my reconstruction following a prophylactic mastectomy. I am your perfectly healthy 25 year old whose recovery was... READ MORE

Do I have scar tissue after reconstruction?

My back at ribcage is getting very tight and uncomfortable. In the past few months. It's nearly 3 years from operation and radiotherapy. Could it be... READ MORE

Risk reducing bilateral mastectomy with implants. Are they uncomfortable?

I want bilat. mastectomy (risk reducing, brca2). I prefer diep, but may not have enough abd. tissue. I know someone who had breast cancer, she has... READ MORE

What is the best way to repair weakened fascia after DIEP Flap?

I had DIEP Flap in 2015 and have developed a noticeable bulge in my lower left abdomen. It is not painful but is very uncomfortable and has... READ MORE

Best option for correction of lopsided abdominal bulge after DIEP flap caused by weakening of fascia? (Photos)

I am attaching pictures to go along with a previous question about surgical correction of abdominal bulge after DIEP Flap. Pictures are not very clear... READ MORE

My expanders are filling out towards my armpits is going to determine the end result?

They have been overfilled to 590cc and I am getting exchange in 2 weeks. Should I have some fluid removed since they are uncomfortable and I feel they... READ MORE

Left breast is swollen very large and hard to the touch - 17 years post-op reconstruction.

I had breast cancer in my left breast in 2000. I had an implant done the same day of the removal of the tumour . Today (2-12-17) when I woke up my... READ MORE

Almost immediately after DBL mastectomy going on 8 yrs I have constant sometimes sharp pain, swelling, heavy feeling implants.

It started the first 3 months after total reconstruction. My bones literally hurt! Back so stiff and numb movement is still VERY limited! Tired all... READ MORE

What would cause my chronic pain 4 years after a TRAM Flap surgery and subsequent repairs?

TRAM flap surgery 4 years ago without mesh. Got a bulge and a year later had mesh installed. Mesh didn't hold and is now balled up inside me. A year... READ MORE

3 months post reconstruction and experiencing pain and swelling the past 2 days. Any suggestions?

Pain and swelling post op and I feel like I have a swollen lymph node on my right side. The pain radiates down my arm and travels to my neck also. I... READ MORE

What is causing the pain when I lay on my back of my side?

I had double masctemony in March. Due to the skin dying, I had a latissimus dorsi flap surgery 3 days later. Now, I am still so uncomfortable when I... READ MORE

I had Deip reconstruction 4 weeks ago. both breast are extremely hard and uncomfortable. What can be done to resolve this?

This is stage 1 Deip surgery with derma matrix. 120 cc implant for projection. The are that is hard is pretty much the whole breast except for the top... READ MORE

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