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What is Wrong with my Nipples? My Nipples Are Constantly Swollen? (photo)

They swell so large they are unrecognizable. They are quite tender and I believe it is the weight of my nipples pulling off my body causing the... READ MORE

Tuberous Breast Correction by an Experienced Surgeon with Before and After to Photos in the NY AREA?

I am SO sick of being DISGUSTED with the appearance of my breasts, and I want them fixed once and for all. I'm extremely particular about the results... READ MORE

Insurance Coverage for Tuberous Breast Reconstruction?

I noticed only one doctor addressed the insurance coverage for "snoopy" or "tuberous" breasts. Is it common for most insurance companies to pay for... READ MORE

What Are the Benefits of Reconstruction for Tuberous Breasts?

I am Native American and have Tribal Health Insurance. I am trying to put together information about having my Tuberous Breast Deformity corrected. I... READ MORE

22 years old, would like to have breast augmentation surgery. Do I have tuberous breasts and how severe is it? (photo)

I'm a twenty two year old female and I've always known something was 'off' about my breasts, but I didn't discover tuberous breasts until about a year... READ MORE

Tuberous Breast Correction? (photo)

Going abroad for BA with reputable hospital.Contacted reputable ones receiving feedback.Dr said its a severe case of tubular breast and needs scoring... READ MORE

Are Saline Implant Best for Tuberous Breast Correction? What Would the Cost Be?

I'm thinking the saline cost is somewhere around $4700-5200. And Silicone being $6000-6700. I am going to be getting the surgery done for a breast... READ MORE

I Really Want Tuberous Breast Correction Surgery?

I hate my breast. My right one is so ugly it's tuberous and I really really insecure. I don't go swimming I always wear sweaters and I've never worn... READ MORE

Do Breast Expanders Look Natural?

Ok so I've decided to get breast expanders to space out my tuberous breast. I just wanted to know just like breast implants, do breast expanders... READ MORE

What Would Be the Best Implant for Tuberous Breast Correction?

I'm 15 and I only have one tuberous breasts. My mom agreed that if it sagged more I could get it done. What would be the best implant for the... READ MORE

Pain in Left Breast After Tuberous Breast Reconstruction?

Hey, I'm glad I found this site and am hoping for some positive feedback. My surgeon was wonderful and really gave my tuberous breasts a natural shape... READ MORE

Do I have tubular/tuberous breasts? What can be done to change the shape, are there any other options than surgery? (photos)

I've always had small breasts, but I've only been insecure about the shape in the past year or so. When I was younger (I'm 23 now) they were much... READ MORE

8 days post-op and still a significant amount of pain and swelling in my right breast? (Photos)

My right breast was originally my smaller, most tuberous breast however is now seemingly significantly larger than the other and is more painful. My... READ MORE

Tuberous breast reconstruction with 3 stages. Would this be the correct route? (Photo)

Hi doctors! According to the surgeon I have chosen I will have to have three stages of surgery including placing tissue expander's, fat grafting with... READ MORE

Can a 17 year old get a reconstructive breast augmentation with silicone implants?

I've read cases where certain patients were eligible for silicone implants under the age of 22 due to reconstructive purposes and I'm wondering if... READ MORE

Tuberous breast reconstruction: two different sized implants and one looks significanlty bigger? (Photo)

Pre op my breasts were asymmetric and virtually different cup sizes (Left was bigger, right fairly smaller.) I didn't want huge implants, just enough... READ MORE

Tuberous breast correction?

Is it possible to use a tissue expander to release the constricted tissue, and then remove it without getting an implant? READ MORE

How can I help reduce swelling after my breast augmentation? (Tuberous breast reconstruction)

I am 9 days post op and my originally smaller breast is still super swollen while the other seems really normal: no swelling, no pain... I understand... READ MORE

Is there a possible loophole to make a surgery considered reconstructive to correct my tuberous breasts covered by my insurance?

I was diagnosed with a skull based cancerous tumor a few years ago; it was pressing against my pituitary gland and it's thought to have been growing... READ MORE

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