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Free TRAM Flap Vs. Pedicled TRAM Flap

What is the difference between the free TRAM flap surgery and the pedicled TRAM flap surgery for breast reconstruction? READ MORE

Tram or DIEP Flap Using Stomach Apron for Breasts After Weight Loss?

I had breast cancer (Chemo./Rads.), and am awaiting reconstruction. I have lost 175+ pounds, and have a large stomach apron of excess skin. I was... READ MORE

Fluid Collection After TRAM Flap Surgery

I had TRAM flap surgery on March 2, and I still need to have fluid drained from my stomach. I had a hematoma in the same area after surgery that had... READ MORE

Repairing Damaged Inframammary Fold After Skin Sparing Mastectomy and 3 Revisions. Can I Get a Repair?

I had a skin sparing mastectomy with immediate muscle sparing free tram reconstruction less than 2 years ago. I have since gone under general... READ MORE

Is the Belly Tram Reconstruction Surgery my Best Option for Fixing a Bad Breast Reconstruction Job? (photo)

My PS started my reconstruction at the same time as my bilateral mastectomy, I had the expanders in and when it was time to put the implants in, he... READ MORE

6 Months Post Op Breast Reconstruction, Radiated Side Shrank, other Tram Larger, Being Told Reduction?

6 months post op,reconstruction/with trams, radiated side shrank,other side much larger, am being told reducing the left is not an option in going for... READ MORE

Is It Unusual for the Surgeon Who Did the Tram Reconstruction Not to Be Board Certified?

Is it unusual for the surgeon who peformed the orig reduction, followed by the bilateral tram reconstruction not be board certified,or a member of... READ MORE

Is Changing Type of Procedure During Operation a Usual Occurrence? Have Diep 1 Side and Tram on Other Side,

Diep side is the radiated side,also side with gram negative pseudomnas, been on Cipro 3 wks, this is the breast that has shrunk and has abnormal... READ MORE

What is the difference between a TRAM flap & a Muscle Sparing TRAM flap?

If only one breast is removed, would only one side of the rectus abdominis be taken in a TRAM flap or would both sides of the rectus abdominis be... READ MORE

Being a Renal Transplant Patient, Could I Be a Candidate for a Pedicled Tram Flap?

Being a Renal Transplant Patient, Could I Be a Candidate for a Pedicled Tram Flap? READ MORE

Developed an Infection and Have a Hole With Dying Tissue in My Right Breast After Tram Flap?

Currently we are flushing and packing it , smells really bad. this area recieves blood supply last, so can this heal? does blood supply correct itself... READ MORE

At 32 I was Dx w/stage 3 BC, completed chemo, radiation & the Latissimus flap which failed. Should I try TRAM flap?

After radiation We tried expanding but my skin was to tight and thin. so we went with the latissimus flap. after 3 surgeries (due to the skin & half... READ MORE

What are your thoughts on Vitamin E oil and or coconut oil to help with skin and scars after a Tram flap procedure?

How well will coconut oil and or vitamin E oil work on scars and skin after a TRAM flap? I have many scars after several procedures. I know there are... READ MORE

What type of doctor should I see for a chronic seroma? (12 cm x 12 cm x 4 cm).

8 years ago I had a bilateral TRAM post breast cancer (chemo, radiation & hormone therapy). Immediately a large seroma formed (right auxilla to left... READ MORE

Can a free tram breast be reduced in size after one year?

Had a free tram reconstruction done a year ago. The doctor wants to add fat to my other healthy breast to make them match in volume .... my new breast... READ MORE

Incision tightness. Any suggestions?

I had a muscle sparing TRAM flap reconstruction October 21,2015. I am experiencing tightness in my lower abdomen and it would usually go away over... READ MORE

What would cause my chronic pain 4 years after a TRAM Flap surgery and subsequent repairs?

TRAM flap surgery 4 years ago without mesh. Got a bulge and a year later had mesh installed. Mesh didn't hold and is now balled up inside me. A year... READ MORE

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