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Double Mastectomy with Immediate Reconstruction and then Radiation - Timeframe for Expanders?

I am 38 years old diagnosed with breast cancer,had chemo before surgery and I am going to have a double mastectomy with immidiate reconstruction the... READ MORE

What is a Typical Timeframe To Keep in Tissue Expanders After Final Fill?

How long should tissue expander stay after final fill? I had my last fill on Feb 15 and now 370cc,I feel that my PS is in a hurry for the... READ MORE

How Long After Expander Exchange is Nipple /areola Done?

I am waiting for August to arrive so I can finally be rid of these painful expanders and have my implants. I am a small framed woman and I was and... READ MORE

How Long Can Tissue Expanders Remain in Safely?

I am currently active duty in the Army and being treated for tuberous breast. Have completed the expansion process and just in the waiting period... READ MORE

Is It Best to Have Reconstruction Right After a Mastectomy or Delay It a While?

Paitent in their second battle with breast cancer and didn't have a full mastectomy the first time and have been left with a significant amout of scar... READ MORE

What is a Typical Post-op Visit Schedule After Implant Reconstruction?

For tissue expander-to-implant reconstruction following bi-lateral nipple sparing mastectomy for breast cancer, what is a typical follow up schedule... READ MORE

Nipple Tattoo? Do I Have Other Options?

Had left mastectomy done in 2007 with reconstruction and b/l silicone implants.Last step nipple tattoo. Is there anything else that can be used... READ MORE

How Long After Radiation Should I Wait for Expansion Process and DIEP Flap Reconstruction?

I had a bilateral mastectomy with insertion of tissue expanders at same time followed by 25 radiation treatments to my left breast and chest wall area... READ MORE

Both of my breast had radiation due to breast cancer. Is It Good to Have Reconstruction Breast Surgery After Radiation Therapy?

Both of my breast had radiation thearpy due to breast cancer. I'm going to have a biliteral mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction... READ MORE

Can I Have a Breast Expander Fitted After Total Right Breast Tissue Removal (I Am Keeping my Breast Skin) and Radiotherapy?

I am small breasted 36A, and am due to have surgery tomorrow, without an expander put in. Can I have an expander fitted prior to my reconstruction in... READ MORE

After a Mastectomy and Tissue Expansion, How Long Before the Final Implants Are Put In?

After a Mastectomy and Tissue Expansion, How Long Before the Final Implants Are Put In? READ MORE

Breast Implants After Radiation?

I only received 9/28 scheduled radiation treatments, but my plastic surgeon still wants to wait 6 months before exchanging my tissue expanders for... READ MORE

Bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction. How long before I should consider having them fixed?

3 months ago I had a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction I ended up with two different shapes and sizes They are hard and Un comfortable. Can I... READ MORE

How Long Will I Have to Wait to Have my Breast Done Over? (photo)

I thought I would give more information about my breast cancer. I had a double mastectomy 3/22/2012 stage lllA her2- 15 lymph nodes removed 7 had... READ MORE

Recent Under Muscle 410's: Too Large, when to Downsize?

One week ago I had 410's placed under the muscle for recon. I know that they are too large for me and will want low profile. Is it best to exchange... READ MORE

When Should a Breast Lift Be Done at Time of Expander or Implant?

Hello, I have had a unilateral Mastectomy Right side. My current breast, Left side is a size B. I would like to go a little bigger to possibly a C... READ MORE

When can reconstruction begin after bilateral mastectomy, chemo and radiation?

I am a 29 year old breast cancer patient. Triple negative, stage 2, grade 3. Underwent bilateral mastectomy in 09/14 and 2 out of 5 lymph nodes had... READ MORE

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