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What is Tissue Expansion by Balloon?

Trying to get my information straight on reconstructive plastic surgery techniques. One I investigated today on a cosmetic surgeons site is called... READ MORE

Has Anybody Used Flex Hd from Mentor Instead of Alloderm in Breast Reconstruction?

Has Anybody Used Flex Hd  from Mentor Instead of Alloderm in Breast Reconstruction? READ MORE

I Am 50y Swimmer Golfer and Need to Do Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy. What is the Best Option for my Life Style?

I Am 50y Swimmer Golfer and Need to Do  Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy. What is  a Best Option for my Life Style  ? READ MORE

Are There Any Significant Advantages to Using Alloderm in Delayed Bilateral Breast Reconstruction?

Considering 2 step tissue-expander surgery with full muscle coverage, an anotomical cohesive gel implant and no Alloderm versus partial muscle... READ MORE

Bilat DIEP Flaps or Brava+fat Graft to Reconstruct A Cups?

51 yo non-smoking ft student wi 9 mm carcinoma rt breast, no nodes involved and have elected to do bilat mastectomies due to family hx. Used to have... READ MORE

Breast Conserving Surgery

My frind said that breast restoration after cancer can be done without causing disfiguring results. she said it is called "breast conserving... READ MORE

Can the "Capsule Switch Procedure" Be Used in Reconstruction for Capsular Contracture?

I had lumpectomy and radiation 18 months prior to my mastectomy. I currently have tissue expanders w/alloderm and am doing well, but am concerned... READ MORE

What Would Be Best Type of Breast Reconstruction?

Hi, Second time TNBC patient, was recently told that I have BRCA1 mutation and will therefore be having double mastectomy. I am considered thin at... READ MORE

Is Reconstruction Without Moving Muscle Possible After Radiation for Breast Cancer?

Is reconstruction possible without the need to move a muscal (flap) after radiation for breast cancer? Thanks Vic READ MORE

How Should I Handle my Breast Cancer and Reconstruction Based on the Facts Below?

I have subglandular implants since 1980, had pain on the R and was going for revision. I was then DX with a 6mm invasive ductal carcinoma about 3cm... READ MORE

Is it s new technique to place mesh in with expanders then implants for breast reconstruction following a bilateral mastectomy?

I had bilateral mastectomy with expanders and mesh placed, and last year, my silicone implants were placed. My mom was just diagnosed with BC and... READ MORE

With the recent techniques in breast reconstruction. Implant under pectoral muscle vs over pectoral muscle with ADM?

With the recent techniques in breast reconstruction, What is better, to have implants under pectoral muscles or over pectoral muscle with ADM? What... READ MORE

What is the best way to figure out what breast size I should get during the DIEP stage II revision surgery?

I had bilateral DIEP surgery about 1.5 months ago that went well. She told me to start thinking about what is what I want done for stage II. When I... READ MORE

Are there implant techniques that are less damaging to the muscle?

I am having bilateral mastectomies due to cancer and my doctor says I will loose 40% of function/strength in my pecs. READ MORE

Which breast reconstruction procedure and specific technique offers the most natural looking breast with respect to scars?

I am scheduled to undergo a mastectomy for invasive ductal carcinoma in left breast. The right breast has probably benign findings following nodule... READ MORE

Breast reconstruction after mastectomy using TRAM Flap method

Breast reconstruction 2001. Latter part 2015 I had a cyst on the operation site drained . Early this year I noticed 3 lumps in the same area and went... READ MORE

Is fat grafting a good option for breast reconstruction? What's the best technique to look for?

Curently have expanders in. I don't want a foreign object and didn't know fat grafting was an option. READ MORE

BMX scar placement?

I had a bmx last year-no reconx. The mx scars are in the lower region of where my breasts were. I had delayed reconx with left flap plus tissue... READ MORE

Modified Fleur de Lis technique for nipple reconstruction; some doubts?

Hi! I had bilateral breasts recosntruction with expanders and shapped silicone implants after modified radical mastectomies. I have just had bilateral... READ MORE

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