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Swollen Lymph Nodes Immediately After Surgery Are Normal?

I've had a BIRADS4 lesion (5mm) showed on MRI, was told ir was not aggressive (type 2 curve) and probably benign. 3 weeks later I've had... READ MORE

Breast Are Swollen Again After Reconstructive Surgery?

4.5 weeks after having reconstructive breast implant surgery, my breasts are healing fine; the swelling went down and had a good progress report from... READ MORE

How does inflammatory breast cancer present itself in a saline implant reconstructed breast? (photo)

Bilateral skin sparing mastectomy Jan 2012 for multiple noncancerous reasons, had removal of implants Oct 2012 due to staph infection, latissimus... READ MORE

4 months post op Bilateral Mastectomy w/ reconstruction, I have a Hematoma under my implant. What treatment would you recommend?

I had a Bilateral Mastectomy with reconstruction four months ago, last week while lifting something too heavy something popped in my right breast.... READ MORE

I Am 7 Months After Implant and Almost a Year After the Mastectomy. It Feels Like It is Swollen?

Ialways have the feeling like it is swollenunder the implent. it feel very uncomfortable. My doctor say it is nothing and everything is of. I amnot... READ MORE

Can lymphadeama be very painful under armpit and across chest?

I have sent photos in the past. I had stage 111A breast cancer march 2012 double mastectomy 16 lymphnodes removed. Then a botched attempt on first... READ MORE

How to get rid of an infection around a gummy bear implant after reconstruction from mastectomy?

It has been over a month since surgery, both incisions are closed and look perfect. My right breast is swollen, red, and I have fevers ranging from... READ MORE

I had double mastectomy with immediate DIEP flap procedure on May 20, 2016. (Photo)

I have great results except for the left still feels like a foam pillow (leaving indentions after wearing a bra all day or laying on it a certain way)... READ MORE

Still swollen 3 months after abdominal lipo and breast reconstruction and concerned?

I am still swollen 3 months after abdominal lipo and breast reconstruction with implants. I am about 8 pounds up from pre-surgery although 3 days... READ MORE

What cup size will 360 and 370 cc bring me to after reconstruction? (Photos)

I just finished the exchange part of my reconstruction after double mastectomy. I am just over 2 weeks post op. I am 5'6 116lbs. I have a 28 inch rib... READ MORE

Will my breast go back to normal?

I have stage 1 HER2 Breast cancer. A 2.1cm lump was removed, it didn't spread. After surgery a large hematoma formed & was evacuated. About 8oz. Of... READ MORE

Swelling after a double mastectomy with reconstructive direct to implant over the muscle. Is this normal?

Hi. I recently underwent a double mastectomy with immediate reconstructive direct to implant silicone implant. My right breast has settled already but... READ MORE

17 days after breast augmentation surgery but breast is still swollen, hard and painful. Should I be worried?

I had a double masastectomy with a reconstructive done 17 days ago but my breast is still very swollen, hard and its painful when walking. My armpits... READ MORE

Breast leaking from the nipple. My doctor has never seen this. Has anyone experience this situation? What did you do?

I had a double mastectomy two months ago. Everything was going well until the second month. It was then that my right breast began to discharge watery... READ MORE

Infection in reconstructed breast after dental cleaning. (photo)

I had my teeth cleaned ten day ago (simple semiannual cleaning). Four days after my cleaning, one of my breasts (with silicone implant,... READ MORE

I am 5 days post op, expander exchange for silicone implants.

I bled into left breast and its swollen. painful. I called my Plastic surgeon after having an ER Doctor I was working with look at site. Is this true? READ MORE

Left breast is swollen very large and hard to the touch - 17 years post-op reconstruction.

I had breast cancer in my left breast in 2000. I had an implant done the same day of the removal of the tumour . Today (2-12-17) when I woke up my... READ MORE

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