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Have A Staph Infection From Scab, Could My Implants Be Infected?

In May, I had implants put in, and have had a scab on the left breast since the surgery. I July I noticed a small hole on the left breast, so I showed... READ MORE

Were my drains removed prematurely? (Photo)

My drains were removed after only 5 nights - one fell out while I was sleeping & the PA removed the other one the next day. Immediate swelling & pain,... READ MORE

What can be done to reduce the swelling after I had a bilateral prophylactic mastectomy?

I had BMX surgery 8/28 and reconstruction. Because of swelling one side is a little larger than the other. The worst part is under my arms and my... READ MORE

How Long is Swelling Normal After Double Free Flap Reconstruction?

I have had a bilateral mastectomy with immediate free flap reconstruction. I am almost 4 weeks out from surgery and am still experiencing a lot of... READ MORE

After expander removal possible infection? Feels like my ribs are bruised, redness, edema and swelling (photo)

Double Mastectomy in February, expanders in place,within 5 days redness,swelling,low grade fevers started.Oral ABT taken Cipro Bactrim & Keflex for 2... READ MORE

Normal or complication that needs attention? Hard painful large lump, burning and swelling 5 weeks after DIEP FLAP.

Five weeks ago I had the DIEP Flap procedure. I had a second surgery to repair a partial flap failure days after the 1st surgery. Where I had the... READ MORE

Post Breast Reconstruction: Will my Fibromas Make My Right Breast Larger or is it Just Swelling?

I have NF1 and my right breast has fibromas and was much smaller then my left breast. I got breast surgery, My left 225 CC. My right breast 275 CC for... READ MORE

Bilateral mastectomy with tissue expander filled to 240cc and silicone implants 650cc

I measured my breast today and my bra size is a 34ddd, the same size I was when I had the reduction. I have a small frame at 5ft 2in and 118lbs. This... READ MORE

What Could Be the Cause of Swelling and Pain After a Year Ago from the Mastectomy and 8 Months Since the Implants?

I had bilateral mastectomies a year ago and implants in 8 months ago. I was doing fine until recently. I have a lot of swelling and pain in my left... READ MORE

What should I do?

I had a double mastectomy a week and a half ago. I had a lymph node removed from my right side. I had two drains on each side. One of the drains on my... READ MORE

I am 7 weeks post bilateral mastectomy with flap and tissue expanders, have swelling on both both breast. What can be going on?

Had bilateral mastectomy with flap reconstruction and tissue expanders 7 week ago. Had last 2 of my 6 drains removed at week 6 after treatment for... READ MORE

Second time asking a doctor. Is my implant being rejected by my body, do I need it taken out?

3/2012 Dbl Mastectomy Cancer with reconstruction 11/2012 36 C Natrelle implants done after expanders 10/13 2.5 X4 P'eau D'orange, skin thickening... READ MORE

Breast Swelling, Pain and Weird Sensation Normal?

I had breast augmentation 3 days ago, as the final step in my reconstruction process. I had tubular breasts, and underwent a reduction and lift 7... READ MORE

When one could say they are looking at the final result of breast reconstruction with implants?

Hi! I had Natrelle 510 dual gel 550gr anatomical silicone implants about 11 days ago for breast reconstruction after modified DMX. I find implants a... READ MORE

Left mastectomy Jan 6th with tissue expanders. Drains taken out Jan 19th. Healing well, suddenly developed pain, severe swelling

Doctor ordered ultrasound and was put on antibiotics for 10 days.Ultrasound showed fluid buildup in front of expanders. Should I be concerned? Is this... READ MORE

6 months post op pain and swelling follow up. Can anyone advise on how best to proceed?

I had an ultrasound today to exam the area of concern. It showed what radiologist thinks is a fluid filled cyst in what she described as remaining... READ MORE

Reconstr. Breast Implants - Now I Have Keloids?

It's been a year since I had Reconstructive Breast Implants. Developed keloids on the scars. I had steroid shots about 4 months ago (Jan 2013) without... READ MORE

Could this be my body rejecting or a lyphodema of the breast? (photo)

1/2012 Cancer 3/2012 Dble Mastectomy 11/2012 Implants 10/13 Peud Orange fluid with ultrasound 12/13 severes swelling stabbing pain redness 1/14 MRI... READ MORE

3 weeks post op and notice hard lump under nipples, is it normal? (photos)

I had bilateral mastectomy 3 weeks ago. I feel there's a hard mass underneath my nipples.My doctor told me to keep massaging the area and continue... READ MORE

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