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How Soon Can Implants Be Exchanged After Breast Reconstruction?

I have just undergone a prophylactic mastectomy for breast cancer prevention. Two weeks ago, my tissue expansders were exchanged for 410 MF 335s. I am... READ MORE

I'm a candidate for a nipple-sparing mastectomy and immediate reconstruction. Can I go smaller in breast size?

I am 5'4", 114 lbs. with a breast width diameter of 11.25 and am a full b. I had a consultation w/ a surgeon for the NSM and one consultation w/ a... READ MORE

Can you make your breast smaller after double mastectomy? (Photo)

Had double mastectomy and due to being thin implants were the only option. My breasts have always been a whole cup size different from each other.... READ MORE

Why would I look like this as you all have suggested needing revision? (Photo)

I previously asked why the doctor wouldn't do the plan that had been discussed numerous times. I told the doctor from day 1 I wanted smaller.... READ MORE

Is it normal the actual implants are smaller than the tissue expanders? (photos)

I had bilateral mastectomy last year, and had my switch 4 days ago. It seems like the actual implants look significantly smaller than the expanders. I... READ MORE

What are my options? I would like to have smaller implants or nothing at all. Keep in mind I'm active.

I was Dx with stage 3a breast cancer at 33 in 2012. I had a double mastectomy with reconstruction.My implants are Mentor Smooth Round Plus Profile... READ MORE

I want my breast implants removed, a breast reconstruction, and for my breasts to be much smaller.

I am a genderqueer female, and my large breasts are painful, due to a poor breast implant revision '09. I have 200cc implants but developed natural... READ MORE

Can I have plastic surgery on a radiated breast?

5 years ago I had a left breast mastectomy and had reconstruction at the same time. I selected to have a tram flap. I had chemo and radiation after.... READ MORE

Diep Flap with the use of the tissue below AND ABOVE the navel. BRCA mutation, seeking risk reducing mastectomy

Plastic surgeon said my perforators are fine for diep flap, but will need to be happy with smaller breasts. Currently a B and will need to go down to... READ MORE

I'm 26 and interested in the DIEP Flap rather than implants. I would someday like to have children/breastfeed. Can I with DIEP?

I have Poland Syndrome (left-side left breast is significantly smaller than my right [nearly A cup vs C cup] ). I also have an... READ MORE

I have a breast which has been made smaller due to infection of necrotic nipple and surrounding skin area?

As I had radiotherapy 15 years ago on right breast and also a BRCA 1 patient my double mastectomy went well but nipple on left side needed to be... READ MORE

Will surgery help my injured breast?

I was in an accident as a child and my left nipple was basically removed. The size of the breast is significantly smaller than the other as it never... READ MORE

How do I know if my doctor made mistakes during my breast reconstruction?

I had a double mastectomy Dec., 2016 w/ immediate implants. W/in 2 weeks, both implants failed. My 1st "fix" was May 4th which was to be "bilateral... READ MORE

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