Skin Sparing Technique + Breast Reconstruction

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Do I Have to Have Another Surgery to Remove Necrotic Skin or Will my Body Heal Itself?

Four weeks ago I underwent a skin sparing mastectomy with tissue expanders. Four weeks later following my surgeon filled the expanders up 300 ml, then... READ MORE

Why Would Implants After Skin Sparing Mastectomy Be Smaller Than The Surgeon Said They'd Be?

I had a skin sparing mastectomy due to the BRCA 2 gene. I am about 5'1" tall and about 125lbs. My expanders were filled to 500cc and they... READ MORE

Skin Sparring Mastectomy and Large Breasts, What Are my Options?

My breasts are so big that I'd be dreaming of a breast reduction anyway. So now that I have cancer in the one I'm going to request a reduction... READ MORE

I'm going to have DIEP done with skin sparing. Is It Good to Have Reconstrution Breast Surgery After Radiation Therapy?

I had radiation therapy to both breast and now is going to have a DEIP TRAM done with skin sparing. I was wondering about the skin changes after... READ MORE

Does the Addition of Alloderm Make Reconstruction Less Painful?

I am having a tough time with the expanders...Ive tried OTC meds, physio etc. I feel extremely tight and uncomfortable. I have expanders in after a... READ MORE

What is Wrong with my Implants Post Breast Reconstruction? (photo)

Im 28 & had a prophylactic bilateral skinsparring mastectomy w/TE's 19.3.12, exchange op 3.09.12. very low projection but very wide & far... READ MORE

Are Skin Sparing Mastectomies Effective in a Prophylactic Setting Among BRCA Carriers?

I realize more tissue remains using this technique but it seems to be increasing in popularity. READ MORE

I Was Hospitalized Nov 2012 with Post Op Pseudomonas Infection, After Nipple Reconstruction. I Have Been on Levaquin Since?

My ps snipes bad scab off and then stitches me up. it comes back after about 2 wks time. now i have some pain, scab back again, alederm (sp) not... READ MORE

Low Profile for Reconstruction?

For someone who wants to stay very small (A cup) after bilateral nipple/skin sparing mast/reconstruction for BRCA mutation, has anyone here used low... READ MORE

Cosmetic expectations following skin-sparing mastectomy with reconstruction?

Hi there, I suffer from chronic mastitis and fibrocystic breasts. The recommended procedure is skin-sparing mastectomy with reconstruction using gummy... READ MORE

Can a plastic surgeon do a simple mastectomy and immediate skin sparing recon and what kind of money would it cost?

I was recently diagnosed with FEA and am high risk for breast cancer. The doctors advise was lets wait and going to be checked every six... READ MORE

What does skin sparing mean in a mastectomy and reconstruction?

If a women has had breast implants for 20 years and now needs a mastectomy and reconstruction, does all that breast tissue ( from the implant pocket)... READ MORE

Bilateral skinsparing mastectomy/reconstruction using Alloderm. Big difference between left & right wound. Is it normal? (Photo)

4 weeks post-op. My cancer was in left breast and they also removed 4 lymph nodes. Last week my PS had to remove 30 cc from left expanders and also... READ MORE

Should I have been informed of removal of portion of pectoral muscles after prophylactic skin sparing mastectomy?

Should informed consent have been requested...don't think the intent was to remove the muscle pre surgery, prior to removal? Should I have been... READ MORE

Creating a pocket for tissue flap after no skin sparing mastectomy. How is this done?

If you have had a non skin sparing mastectomey with no tissue expanders placed and no radiation, how is the pocket created surgically for a DIEP flap?... READ MORE

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